Webmaster PHP Course

Webmaster PHP Course
Webmaster PHP Course



Webmasters with PHP HTML is the course of the Group for those who want to learn in depth the PHP language (version 5), and its interaction with the MySQL database. The PHP language Webmaster PHP Course is useful for developing complex e-commerce sites, dynamic portals, forums and content management systems and, last but not least, Social Network systems.

Following the course Webmaster PHP Course you will learn to use the PHP language to create sites that need to interact with databases, which need areas reserved for users, a catalog of products or process payment online. With PHP you will have a new way of designing websites, open to all the possibilities of a professional Web site.

As in all courses of Group HTML, the basic theoretical approach is balanced with the practical application of the concepts learned.

Who is it for:-

The Webmaster PHP Course is dedicated to Webmasters and Web developers who want to enrich their curriculum with a powerful and versatile language. The PHP language is indispensable to those who want to design sites in complex, dynamic, offering interaction with the user. The ability to interact with a database opens the door to the design of any Web application

A careful reading of the program allows you to assess whether the course meets your needs. 

Minimum System Requirements:-

In addition to a good knowledge of computer and Internet browsing, to follow successful in this course requires a good knowledge of the principles of web publishing (in particular, (x) html). 

Be useful (but not absolutely necessary) to optimize the learning sufficiently familiar with the most popular client-side scripting languages ??(eg JavaScript) or server-side (eg ASP, CFML, JSP) as well as with the techniques of manipulation and database management.

Teaching material and gadgets:-

The Webmaster PHP Course with PHP provides for the distribution of the following material:

Warning: the textbook, in view of the availability and reprints available at the time of the course, could be replaced by a similar publication.

Included in the price of the course will be provided:

Two coffee breaks for each day of the course, which will allow you to maintain the proper concentration. 
Each student will receive some gadgets with brand Group HTML needed for the good conduct of the course:

  • A notepad for taking notes
  • A pen

Hardware and software equipment:-

Classrooms equipped with a personal computer for each student will be available to participants. We will use the best web publishing software available on the market. Any software that is available in the Italian version.

The course Webmaster with PHP involves the use of the following programs:

  • Operating system: XAMPP / WAMP on Windows XP Professional
  • Editor: Macromedia Dreamweaver
  • Database: MySQL


The course Webmaster with PHP has a cost of 1,200 € + VAT .

The cost includes any aspects of the course, including the following certification , which can be sustained for free (for those who do not attend the courses, the certification cost is 190 € + VAT). 
Included in the price:

  • coffee breaks;
  • gadgets;
  • teaching materials;
  • a certificate of participation.

For those who have already participated in the past in any of the courses HTML.it is a discount of 10%.


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