Warner Bros. “deeply saddened” at Charlotte Kirk


Warner Bros. “deeply saddened” at Charlotte Kirk

Actress Charlotte Kirk speaks in a scandal about sexual misconduct involving the chairman of Warner Bros. Entertainment.

A few hours after Warner Bros. announced the resignation of Chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara, actress Charlotte Kirk had had an improper relationship with him many years ago. Kirk told Fox News in a statement on Monday: “I was very sad after hearing the news that Kevin Tsujihara resigned from Warner.” “Our relationship ended many years ago. The story of the Hollywood report was released with me.” Nothing.”

She continued: In fact, I tried to add less him many grow very old. Any differences we may have encountered in the past have long been forgotten. ” I only hope that he will achieve the greatest success in his future efforts.” Warner Media previously announced in a statement from Fox News that Tsujihara no longer serves as the company’s chairman and chief executive officer, after the company revealed through a series of text messages that he allegedly promised Kirk to play a role and audition in exchange for Sexual relationship.

Warner Bros. CEO John Stanky said: “Warner Brothers, Warner Bros., our staff and our partner Kevin resigned as the chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. is the most appropriate.” “Kevin in the past For 25 years, we have made tremendous contributions to the success of the studio, and we thank him for this. Kevin admits that his mistakes are inconsistent with the company’s leadership expectations and may affect the company’s future execution capabilities.”

The statement stated that despite the resignation of Tsujihara, he and the company continue to work with third-party law firms to complete investigations into suspected misconduct. According to the deadline, Tsujihara explained his decision in the memo sent to the staff: “In the past week and a half, I have been thinking about how the focus on my past behavior affects the future of the company. After a long period of introspection, As well as discussions with John Stankey over the past week, we have decided to serve the best interests of Warner Bros. as Chairman and CEO.”

CHARLOTTE KIRK suddenly suffered a sexual assault scandal with Warner Bros. boss

He continued: “I when this company and those who make it suitably comfortable. For the past 25 years, I have been honored to lead this organization and work with all talented people. We will work together with this studio. A clear leader in the industry has been built. However, it is clear that my continued leadership may be distracting and an obstacle to the company’s continued success. The hard work of everyone in our organization is admirable, I will not let The media’s attention to my past has detracted from all the great work the team has done.”

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