Top Universities to Study Masters in the Netherlands


Top Universities to Study Masters in the Netherlands

There is a number of European destinations full of opportunities when it comes to studying abroad, however, nothing comes close to Study Masters in the Netherlands, for the affordable Master’s courses especially in the STEM. The universities provide practical knowledge, internship opportunities, and the employability after the Masters Programs. If you are looking forward to studying in the Netherlands for your Masters Degree, here are the top 5 universities to watch out:

1. Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

The Delft University of Technology is the largest and oldest technical university in the Netherlands. A public university now, it was founded by the Royal Academy of Civil Engineers, for the servants who worked at Dutch East India Company. The university and all the campus now reside in Mekelpark. Out of a total of 17000 students studying at the Delft University of Technology, 25% are international students.

Some of the renowned STEM subjects include Masters in Civil and structural engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, and Environmental Studies.

World University Ranking: 52

2. Wageningen University & Research

One of the best universities in the world for the social sciences and life sciences, the University of Wageningen is known for the courses in Environmental and Agricultural sciences all across the world. There are about 40 English taught programs for bachelors and Masters in the Netherlands, and a large number of international students attending them, around 20%.

However, the university is not only about environmental and agricultural courses. There is a number of courses available for courses like business and health sciences. The master’s courses take 2 years to complete.

World University Ranking: 57

3. University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam is the third oldest university in the country. It was established back in 1632. The university is the largest university of the Netherlands in terms of numbers of students enrolled. There is a total of 23000 students at the University of Amsterdam.

The University is particularly known for the courses in humanities and social sciences. There are more than 140 degrees offered in the English language, which attract around 3000 students out of that 23000, coming from more than 100 countries. The library of the University of Amsterdam has more than 4000000 books, letters, maps, and manuscripts. There are also 5 museums in the Netherlands, run by the University of Amsterdam.

World University Ranking: 120

4. Leiden University

Leiden University is the oldest university in the Netherlands, and it has close ties with the Royal Dutch Family, many of them attending Leiden University as students. The University was founded back in 1575. Not, just the Royal Family, the prestigious alumni consists of highly influential people of the Netherlands. Be it the students, or the faculties, people like Descartes and Einstein were affiliated with the university

Today, more than 200 English taught programs are available at Leiden University. The university also holds the reputation as the truly international university of Netherlands, with students coming from around 100 countries.

World University Ranking: 122

5. Erasmus University Rotterdam

Fairly new university compared to the other, the Erasmus University Rotterdam was established in 1913 as the Netherlands School of Commerce. Throughout its history, the name was changes multiple times, before Erasmus University Rotterdam was taken by the university in 1973. It was named after a known humanist and theologian Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus.

The faculties at the university include Health Sciences, Health Policy, and Management, Economics, Management, Law, Social and Behavioural Science, History, Culture and Communication, Philosophy.

World University Ranking: 179

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