Top Details of The Upcoming McLaren P13


Top Details of The Upcoming McLaren P13


McLaren P13 will be presented in 2015, and will be the new entry model to the brand.

Top Details of The Upcoming McLaren P13
Top Details of The Upcoming McLaren P13

“It is known a time that McLaren wants to expand its line makes three vehicles: the P1, the MP4-12C, and the next P13 model that would be in the segment 911 and the like, leaving as the entry vehicle company.

This new car will be presented next year at the Geneva Motor Show . It will have a carbon fiber chassis and the same engine 3.8 V8 TwinTurbo the MP4-12C, with between 450 and 500 hp , which could be connected to an automatic transmission 7-speed dual clutch. The same configuration is expected in a new version of the MP4-12C is lighter and has less equipment, which will be released this year.

In size, it is smaller and lighter than the MP4-12C, staying as a model more focused towards the driver to have the shortest turnaround time.

A number of variants of this model were constructed, including a convertible and a lighter and powerful to compete contre Porsche 911 GT3 Nor P13 will be called when it’s released.


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