Top Best BMW M2 sports launch in 2016


Top Best BMW M2 sports launch in 2016


The BMW M2 Coupe might look something like the M235i Racing design and dual 3.0-liter turbo engine, similar to that used in models like the M3 and M4.

Top Best BMW M2 sports launch in 2016
Top Best BMW M2 sports launch in 2016

From the time that BMW revealed the M235i Coupe , fans around the world began to think about how they would see a M2 Coupe . So far BMW has given no clue about the possible model M2 , but the brand itself is considering a model of this type.

According to a report from Motor Authority , executives at BMW present in the global launch of the new M235i in Las Vegas gave encouraging signs of a possible BMW M2 .

In the case of being released, the M2 Coupe would be lighter, powerful and agile than the M235i . latter is not a lightweight car that say, weighs 1,603 kg. The M2 could cut between 90 to 130 kg, enhancing the performance and dynamism.

As for engine, chances are that the M2 have a new version of the twin-turbo 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine used in the M3 and the M4 , producing about 400 hp.

As for appearance, the M2 might have a style M235i Racing that appears in the photo, including the details of the skirt and wheels. Repair BMW M2comes to appear, could debut at an auto show in late 2015 or early , 2016.


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