Top 6 Habits That Can Distroy Mobile


Top 6 Habits That Can Distroy Mobile


Top 6 Habits That Can Distroy Mobile
Top 6 Habits That Can Distroy Mobile


Tittle of this post is Top 6 Habits That Can Distroy Mobile. Here are top 6 habits to distroy mobile devices. Nowadays mobile devices that must be owned by every person. But there are still users who just want to use their phones without going to care for her. In fact, if one of its components is damaged, the performance of the phone would decrease.

If you want to utilize to the maximum usability of mobile phones, the device should be treated well. If the phone is damaged, you will also hassles. The following general steps to keep your phone:


1. Never turned off.:-
Indeed it looks like someone is rarely off the phone when not in use. Yet by turning off the phone on a regular basis to maintain battery life. Just like humans, the phone also require time off to endurance components inside awake.


2. Let Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is on.:-
If Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on, the phone will continue to search for a network that can be captured. This will drain the battery more. Never forget to turn off both if it is not in use, especially when traveling. That way, the phone battery will last longer.


3. Used in extreme temperatures.:-
Normally, phones are used at room temperature, 16 to 30 degrees Celsius. Do not ever use the phone with the room temperature below 0 degrees or above 35 degrees Celsius. Also do not leave the phone exposed to direct sunlight to avoid an increase in temperature in the engine.


4. Left charging overnight.:-
‘s a habit most often done. The reason: in order to keep the battery fully when it will be used the next day. In fact, if left overnight charged, even cell phone battery will leak and damaged.


5. Using an unofficial charger.:-
official chargers are expensive, but you can not be safe to use other brands. Using an unofficial charger may damage the phone. Although the size of the port is the same, the voltage required every phone is different. If continuous use will bring damage and may be battery could catch fire .


6. Not cleaned.:-
Mobile is a hotbed of germs. One study even found that the mobile phone is much dirtier than a toilet seat or sink. Clean the phone regularly with a soft cloth. If necessary, use ultraviolet light to kill germs and disinfect your phone.

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