Top 10 Best Android applications for 2013


Top 10 Best Android applications for 2013


Android is already the most used operating system in smartphones around the world, and is quite known as the Play Store has a huge catalog of applications that unfortunately a lot of staying away. Luckily if there are quality issues that raise the value of our devices and make our life easier and entertaining. Today Bitelia collect the best of 2013.

android applicatio for best user
android application for best user

The year is almost over and gather the best of 2013 in the world of technology and applications , we have begun to build our lists highlight. Couple of days ago we shared the best applications for Windows 8, 2013 , to continue on similar paths do the same with Android.

It’s hard to choose just 10 applications when it comes to such a huge ecosystem as Android, and Play Store filled with millions of apps. So we decided to focus on those that were practically indispensable for any smartphone with Android, the best developed, which provide the ideal experience enters her type, and of course the most popular and have been undergoing changes for the better throughout their evolution .

Pocket Android application:-


If you choose should give me the best android application around 2013 (not just Android) without hesitation to choose Pocket . For lovers of the readings on the Internet, applications that allow you to save articles to read later in a clear and comfortable format text, are like a piece of heaven on earth. Of all the world, Pocket is in my opinion, and that of many of the millions of users you have, the better. It is almost always the first app I download every gadget that crosses me again.

This year Pocket received new features that make it even better, as the new leading labels. The service has evolved flawlessly, month after month offering a magnificent experience on any device that you install, and although Android has jurisdiction, is still the winner .

Wunderlist Android application:-



Wunderlist began her journey being a tool to do lists, that always stood out for its beautiful interface, good performance, and synchronization across multiple devices. Wunderlist is one of those applications that have not fallen asleep on their laurels, and the development team behind it has been responsible for making it one of the best applications available for Android (and other platforms where it is available).

Wunderlist is no longer just an app to do lists, now is the perfect tool to take notes and organize our activities perfectly, or even to organize teams and collaborative tasks. And it is certainly another application that should not miss in your smartphone or tablet, Completely worthy of being among the best of 2013.

Feedly Android application:-


Feedly has always been an excellent program for reading feeds RSS, though it was well known among users of Android, its popularity suffered a huge increase when Google Reader and decided to kill all orphaned users began looking for alternatives to the service.

Feedly then received with open arms hundreds of thousands of users, not just prepared for the huge increase in traffic that meant, but that never stopped innovating and improving implementation. Feedly suffered a great redesign later this year and provides us with no doubt one of the best reading experiences online. Another great 2013.

Line Android application:-

line application for android
line application for android

Line has had an insurmountable year, the company makes millions of dollars selling single stickers , has grown from a small Asian competitor Whatsapp, to be in the kingship of instant messaging applications worldwide. Line does not suffer from the terrible Whatsapp security flaws, and have time at the party (not like BB Messenger), offering a good service, a fun app full of special features that strike fear even Facebook.

Line grew in popularity by leaps and bounds this year, thanks in part to their advertising, and of course the hundreds of stickers that we must admit we love.

Spotify Android application:-



Spotify is one of the best music services streaming available today. Your mobile app for Android is great, and deserves a place on this list, thanks to a few days ago just announced Spotify now so you can use itfree of your mobile devices , and not only that, but the service reached almost all countries in Latin America officially.

Playing music with Spotify is a wonderful experience, the catalog is huge and the quality of streaming unsurpassed. Another of the best of the year, gaining momentum in recent days.

Buffer Android application:-

buffer-application for android

Buffer is an application that works as a planner to schedule updates across multiple social networks with a user-defined schedule. It is the holy grail of a community manager . The Android app is simple and almost perfect.

Even if you only have a Twitter account or Facebook, use Buffer to schedule your updates is a much more efficient way to use social media. In addition to adding content to go to the tail of Buffer to send predefined time intervals, it is much better than throwing 20 updates in 5 minutes and “torment” too noisy to follow you. For power users or those addicted to social networks, Buffer is one of those applications that you simply must have.

I Trello Android application:-

Trello-principal application for android
Trello-principal application for android

Trello is one of the best organizational tools that have ever created. If you do not know, and work in teams, Trello can do wonders for productivity, communication and collaborative work.

The Android app is great, and a few days ago received a new update with substantial improvements in the design and interface in general. It is a well developed application and it offers a huge world of possibilities for collective or individual organization. The best of the year too.

Facebook messenger Android application:-


I personally am not a fan of this social network, and I usually use it little. But undoubtedly this year Facebook made ??him a huge facelift to its chat application. Facebook messenger is one of the best things that have come out of the land of Mark Zuckerberg. After the disaster that became Google Talk becoming the new Hangouts, I felt a little disconnected from my internet acquaintances, and ended up opting to use the instant messaging system of Facebook to communicate for a while, and that’s how I finished installing the Android app.

Facebook messenger innovation even in a field where we thought we’d seen it all, chat bubbles are simply stunning, both which have inspired a whole system of notifications and multitasking called Halo, and beautifully implemented in ROM: Paranoid Android. On the other hand the application is visually beautiful, has gone through several redesigns and is currently the apps nicest we have for Android, besides that includes a huge gallery of stickers in the style of Line, but the Facebook messenger have until movement and all are free. One of the best things of 2013.

Twitter Android application:-

twitter application for android user
twitter application for android user

I have always complained about how bad it seems to me the official Twitter apps, how terrible it works anywhere and what odious policy of the company to spit in the face of developers limiting the use of third-party applications. But, even if it costs a bit to admit, in all so far this year seems Twitter has made an effort to improve its Android app.

Twitter for Android has continued to receive updates in 2013, constant changes to the interface and design, have been gradually raising the level of the application, and looks set to offer an experience to completely replace the use of applications of others, but we are not there yet. Nevertheless, Twitter for Android in my opinion deserves a place in the list of the best of 2013 by effort and because we can not live without tweeting.

VSCO Cam Android application:-

VSCO-Cam android application for android user
VSCO-Cam android application for android user

VSCO Cam comes to Android shortly before the end of the year and does so in style. With just the first version, proceeds immediately to be among the best and most popular photo editing applications for Android.

VSCO offers just as many of their counterparts: a special camera, filters and social functions. But on many stands by the quality of the results. If you think you could make Instagram your photos look good, wait until you try VSCO. Not much I can say to describe the experience properly, you need to try for yourself.

In addition, VSCO offers us the possibility to create your own photo diary with personalized URL, a sublime design and feel professional. Although he has little time between us, VSCO deserves to be called one of the best applications for Android 2013.

Special remarks

As I said initially, selecting just 10 applications is no easy task, and expect to please everyone or we are in complete agreement is as absurd as putting tildes consonants, so to finish I would make special mention of some applications also excellent consider:

  • Flipboard is the best apps for reading news, but this year did not change much, except for the addition of the magazines.
  • Vine has caused a good deal of feeling, while Instagram “copied” it pretty quickly, but the app is still running slowly and crashing.
  • Evernote is the best note taking apps out there, but for some reason I stopped using it as often as before, opting for simpler alternatives.
  • Falcon Pro is the best Twitter client for Android that exists, but unfortunately due to piracy and restrictions on Twitter ended up being removed from the Play Store, but still can be used and downloaded from its own page the installation process may be too complicated .
  • Candy Crush : because, by gelatin.

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