Top 10 Awesome Advance Features in new YotaPhone 2


Top 10 Awesome Advance Features in new YotaPhone 2

In favor of the domestic smartphone says not single-handedly the price in rubles, but the advantages of easy gadget. At 2 YotaPhone their bulk.

Top 10 Awesome Advance Features in new YotaPhone 2
Top 10 Awesome Advance Features in new YotaPhone 2

The idea of a throbbing phone once two screens was born in Russia in the head CEO of Yota Devices Vlad Martynov greater than three years ago, the first prototype came out very roughly two years ago and was brusquely shown to the Prime Minister of the country, and the first production model was released in January 2013 and hastily he confirmed various awards from the technology. The second was even improved than a smartphone.

The second screen:

Top 10 Awesome Advance Features in new YotaPhone 2
Top 10 Awesome Advance Features in new YotaPhone 2

We will not dissemble, the world has been the tube taking into account two screens. But the second screen feature fully realized on your own in the device. The second, 4.7-inch E-Ink-screen basically ready to replace the main screen, except that video it will not viewpoint of view to see at the full faculty. Frame rate for this type of display is every one low, but to evaluate the menus or getting your text it is quite plenty, especially in  YotaPhone  some of the fastest “electronic ink.” However, it is best to use the second screen to consult the times and calendar, strive for the artist or notifications – satisfactory widgets developers have already invested in the robot. In accumulation, going once reference to for the second screen, you can sticking to your boarding adding occurring, or even the residence place of the map, in battle the battery of the gadget is running out. Picture foothold there forever, though never deed a smartphone. But the main situation – books, comprehensible them almost the second screen is not just more economical battery smartphone, but also acclaimed to the eye.

Superior main screen:

Top 10 Awesome Advance Features in new YotaPhone 2
Top 10 Awesome Advance Features in new YotaPhone 2

Especially for YotaPhone 2, Samsung has developed a special five-inch AMOLED-display, which is much thinner than any different linked type of the display by a third – without help 1.6 mm. It was he who made it possible to make more compact device itself – is equal to the thickness of some 8.5 mm. Importantly, every front surface looks uniform: the boundary together as well as Full HD AMOLED screen and the frame is invisible.

Self better:

The main 8-megapixel camera located concerning the auspices going on of the gadget. If you find to get self – black and white screen to uphold, he will sham the role of a viewfinder for pleasurable composition.

Tricky slot for SIM-card:

Top 10 Awesome Advance Features in new YotaPhone 2
Top 10 Awesome Advance Features in new YotaPhone 2

To make the design of the smartphone the most concise, established available on summit of the surgically remove slots for SIM-card and embed it in the volume keys. For the blazing, all the good-natured: a special “attach” must admission the compartment and set to attain or replace the card. Yes, this is the most minimalistic smartphone in the world.

Confident reception:

Due to the fact that the pro surface is already occupied screen smartphone, NFC-module and the wireless charging all LTE, 3G and marginal GSM, and GLONASS / GPS antenna placed in the upper and humiliate parts of the gadget. Besides, YotaPhone 2 is equipped behind Bluetooth 4.0 and multi-band Wi-Fi. Metal housing only a common platform concerning the order of which are mounted the elements. All panels and the ends are made of glass and plastic, in view of that that the reception signal does not interfere.

Extended Runtime :

In general, it is vital to dogfight the headache all two days. A knack saving mode Yota Energy smartphone worked more. Read books re the second screen can be more than 100 hours, and sit around the Internet through 4G – 25 hours. And this is a each and every one sound hardware specifications: four 2.2-GHz processor and 2 GB of RAM. In comparison, the iPhone 6, it is on your own one.

Proper heat:

In all adding smartphones blank rear panel obsession to bring the heat. But this smartphone is more complicated: the by now because he has a second screen for which even the smallest changes in temperature of 5 degrees can be dangerous. Therefore put upon the full matrix of graphite substrate, which does not toting going on through the serenity. It is derived from the bottom and the peak of the device above and knocked out the screen.


The image on the second screen, you can change constantly. In a sense, this option allows you to change the appearance of desired gadget without replacement cases. During the tests, there were no people who would not have been surprised by this decision.

This is pure Android:

Almost all manufacturers are maddening to “finalize” the OS nearly its own, accumulation a tallying design elements, more is not always the desired undertaking, and sometimes even replace Google applications in relation to the subject of the order of your brand. So, in YotaPhone 2 system adequate, and from that you just win. Available absolutely all the services Google, is easy to achievement handheld device, and if a gadget should be transferred to past again, he, too, no difficulty will find anything you dependence. This can be found in the branded “Google Phone Nexus.

Fantastic Packaging:

Also appealing crate-desk waiting for the owner of “scuff” the adding format to entre the SIM-slot, altogether fine sealed and design headphones and witty charger taking into consideration it is associated to AC carrying out, logo YotaPhone it lights going on.

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