The final countdown: Marvel trailer Avengers End Game


The final countdown: Marvel trailer Avengers End Game

The Avengers had only three short weeks before: the end of the game was a warm-looking premiere, and Marvel was using the last trailer to trigger the expected flame, which was the first time we saw an opponent against the game, It seems that I have already prepared for the rematch.

The first trailer of Avengers End Game fall in December, let’s take a look at the Avengers who survived Snappening, where Thanos used his fingers, including many of our beloved superheroes, to destroy half of all creatures in the universe… That’s all they can show us without giving too much news, even though we did get a scene where Paul Rade’s Scott Lang/ant-man appeared and he escaped the quantum field. He may be trapped at the end of Ant-Man and The End. Wasp.

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The second trailer was aired during the Super Bowl, using the shot 20 minutes before the end game. We saw the rapid and continuous fall/bash, with striking black and white tones and red highlights. But we also saw that they finally started restructuring. Last month, Marvel gave up another trailer, took us back to the origins of the remaining Avengers, and for the first time introduced Briarson’s Carole Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) into the mix.

In this Avengers End Game latest trailer, we have had several heartfelt reunions: Tony Stark and his long-suffering fiancee Pepper Potts; Black Widow and Hawkeye; and the fence between Tony and Steve Rogers because of they Handshake and mutual trust. The team is working on a plan, although the details are vague (because of spoilers). “If we do, we will take a shorthand,” Bruce Banner/The Hulk warned. “Yes, what do you mean because he killed all our friends?” The war machine retorted, and the explanation was obvious.

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Then Captain Marvel appeared on her spaceship and took everyone to space, and they found themselves facing Thanos again. “You can’t stand your own failure,” he laughed. “What will this bring to you? Come back to me.” Maybe they will fail again. Some of our heroes may not be able to survive this series. But as Tony said, “We are the Avengers. We must finish this.”

The Avengers End Game was released on April 26, 2019.

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