The Benefits of Yerba Mate Tea


The Benefits of Yerba Mate Tea

Yerba mate tea is made from the leaves of the Ilex paraguariensis plant. In South America, drinking yerba mate tea (usually from a gourd) is a common social pastime. It has impressive health benefits and can be served like coffee. It has a unique rich flavor similar to black tea or green tea.

Paraguay tea does contain stimulant caffeine and theobromine (also found in chocolate). Coffee contains about 85 mg of caffeine per 5 ounces cup, while the content of yerba mate Tea is slightly less than about 78 mg. This delicious drink has some amazing health benefits!

Antioxidant is rich

Paraguay tea protects DNA from free radical damage and has high antioxidant capacity. It has been shown to help prevent breast and colon cancer and has anti-tumor properties. One study found that those who consumed the most expensive yerba mate were least likely to develop breast cancer, even though other factors such as antioxidants from other sources were taken into account.

Heart health

Paraguay tea not only protects against cell damage, but it also protects the heart. This tea is good for the entire cardiovascular system. Part of its function is to dilate blood vessels to promote blood circulation.

Brain promotion

The Paraguayan tea will stimulate the central nervous system, bringing energy and attention. Tea protects the brain, improves memory, helps reduce depression, and can even help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. The Yerba spouse was even shown in one study to reduce the number and length of seizures while reducing oxidative damage in the brain.

Yerba companion drinkers can also improve hypothalamic function, which is part of the brain that produces and regulates hormones in the body.


When sugar is consumed, a process called saccharification occurs. Saccharification can cause damage to body proteins, leading to inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and dementia.

Paraguay tea has a strong anti-glycation effect. A study found that it can prevent saccharification from forming up to 83%. This is not a free license to eat a bunch of sugary snacks, but mate can help prevent damage from fructose in fruits and other sources.

Weight loss friendly

Paraguay tea has been used to lose weight, and studies have shown it can prevent weight gain and reduce body fat. It helps the body burn fat more effectively and suppress appetite, making it feel fuller.

Even more impressive is that yerba mate also inhibits visceral fat, which is collected along the waist and abdomen. Visceral fat can surround important organs such as the liver and heart and can cause heart disease, diabetes, and other serious problems.

Prevent diabetes

Paraguay tea not only reduces potential diabetes leading to visceral fat but also improves insulin levels.

In one study, people with diabetes and pre-diabetes drank Paraguay tea, some of whom changed their eating habits. Blood sugar levels are generally improved in all populations, but even more so for those who try to eat healthier. Their “healthy” diet follows the Food Pyramid guidelines and has a low level of healthy saturated fat, so if they eat traditional foods, they may have better results.

Liver Lovin’

Yerba mate protects the liver in the same way. It helps to reduce oxidative damage to liver cells. It also helps protect the liver from fatty liver and pancreatitis by balancing triglyceride levels.

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