Summer color trends for web design


Summer color trends for web design

Web design is an industry that is constantly evolving and adapting. As the design revolution progressed and progressed, the trend three months ago was quickly forgotten. This affects all aspects of web design, from the layout and shape used, to typography, images, and colors. This summer, you should be prepared for some eye-catching color changes, and we predict they will change web design in the second half of this year. After all, at cretizmdesign Web Design Manchester, we are the leading web design professionals in Manchester. From Wigan to Southport, we work with companies in Manchester and surrounding areas to deliver high-quality web design solutions. Therefore, we have produced this guide to predict the summer color trends of web design.

Summer color trends for web design

So, which color will be popular this summer? How do you combine multiple colors to create compelling websites? Well, there are several colors that will be popular this summer, and all the colors are vibrant and vibrant. These colors include:

  • Live coral
  • Carnival
  • gold
  • Princess blue

Living coral

According to Pantone’s decision, this year’s vintage color is a living coral. This rich pink or peach color, vibrant and vibrant, can invigorate any website in any industry. Using this color as the background color can prove to be a bit heavy because the shadows are very deep. But when paired with cream, or even a dark background color, live corals can be perfect secondary or accent colors. This is a shadow that naturally attracts attention.


The Carnival is a bright, vibrant orange that is truly amazing. Similar to live corals, this color is bright, bold and vibrant. So if you’re looking for a redesign that appeals to any prospect or customer, then the holiday is the color you should consider. Again, you can pair it with a light background or dark color for sharp contrast and visual interest.


Ok, so Gold has been very popular for the past few months, so it’s not really a new color. But this color will still be impressive and will be popular this summer and the second half of this year. Gold symbolizes wealth, success and status. All of these are important attributes of any company associated with it. This is why this color will continue to be popular. It can also be used with live corals, pure white or black backgrounds to create a truly dramatic effect.

Princess blue

Not just blue, Princess Blue is a specific shade, between royal blue and bright blue. This color is lively and fresh, and it activates any website it uses. For any website, this can be a good background color, using lighter or darker colors as the focus and secondary colors.

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