Clear Your Facebook Search History with these Easy Steps


Clear Your Facebook Search History with these Easy Steps

Have you ever wondered how you can clear your Facebook search history – for whatever reason, that might be for (winks)? But have you ever? Well, in case you still do not know how to do so, this guide will make things easier for you.

You may want to hide these details from your kids though (parental check). However, Charter Internet and the like provide parents with the parental guidance feature (some extra information). So your secret may be safe.

Why Delete Facebook Search History?

There is a very simple answer to this. Facebook keeps track of all your activities and stores your information. And if you want to avoid this, you should clear your search history regularly. In this way, your social media platform will not be storing your information. Or we’d like to think so.

Steps to Clear the Search History

If you also fall into the category of people who do not wish to give Facebook access to their information, then follow the steps give below.

In the App

If you are using the Facebook app, here are a couple of simple steps that can help you clear the history:

  • Tap in the ‘Search’ box after opening the Facebook app.
  • A drop-down list will display your most recent searches. You should now tap the ‘edit’ button on the right side of the ‘recent searches’ box.
  • Hitting the ‘edit’ button will open your activity log. From here you can click the ‘x’ in front of every recent activity of yours on Facebook.
  • In case you wish to clear them all at once, choose the option ‘clear searches’. This will save you from the hassle of clearing it all individually.
  • Once done (and if you chose to get rid of the complete history), typing in the ‘search’ box will not display any results. And the message ‘Nothing to Show’ will appear on your screen. That will be the confirmation that your search history is indeed clear now.

On the Web

Not everyone accesses Facebook on their mobiles. Some people also log into Facebook through the web. While many people use both. So here’s how you can get rid of the search history on the web.

  • Open Facebook in your preferred browser and type something in the ‘Search’ bar.
  • Click ‘x’ next to every recent search that the drop-down menu displays.
  • You can also skip the above-given step and hit on the ‘Edit’ button as an alternative.
  • Once you do that, a new window will open in front of you. This new window will display everything that you searched for on Facebook.
  • Choose to ‘Clear Searches’ if you want to delete everything or delete the ones that you wish to separate.

Note: if you clear the search history in your app, it will automatically get deleted from the web too. It is easy to get rid of your Facebook activity.

How to Clear the Search History Completely on Your iPhone?

There was a  major concern shared by some iPhone users. They claimed that even after deleting the complete search history, they could still see some recent activities in the log. In case you own an iPhone, you can take this alternate path to get rid of the search history completely.

Try FoneEraser for iOS. This program comes for free so it will not cost you anything to install it on your iPhone. Once done, follow the steps given below:

  • Plug your iPhone to your laptop or computer with the help of a USB cable.
  • Tap the ‘Trust’ option on your mobile’s screen so that the app can start working.
  • Select the erasing level that the software displays before you. There are three levels (low, medium and high). In your case, high will work the best.
  • Once your device gets connected, click on ‘Start’ so that the software starts erasing the search history. Click ‘Yes’ in the end to finish the procedure.

Hope you found this blog helpful. If there are any ideas or hacks that you guys have please feel free to share those as well. As a mom of two pre-teens, I have never faced the issue of my kids hiding things from me. I give the credit to Spectrum triple play packages that allow me to keep an eye on their activities online. Still, I clear my history on a regular basis. No harm in being extra careful.

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