Sony Xperia Z VS HTC One With Specification



Sony Xperia Z VS HTC One With Specification

The Sony Xperia Z and HTC One come with different skill sets. Both devices are good looking and easy to use. Both models have good features and good resolution. The HTC One vs the Sony Xperia Z battle of the gorgeous-looking flagships. The Sony model Sony Xperia Z and HTC model HTC One both mobiles have many difference. The Sony Xperia Z (Sony new model) design still holds a few important advantages over the HTC One unibody.


Sony Xperia Z VS HTC One


Sony Xperia Z is too slim and smart phone. It has larger 5″ screen with good resolution. Due to its sharp edges the Xperia Z feels very broad and is a bit unwieldy for those with small hands. The HTC One has gone with a slightly smaller 4.7″ screen and its own Beats amplifier sound.

Come to both devices it have good camera resolution and good camera lenses with single LED flashes.


HTC One over Sony Xperia Z


Display, Super LCD3 display with 469ppi density

Body, Aluminum unibody

Image quality, Optical Image Stabilization | image sensor with 2µm pixel size

Chipset, Snapdragon 600 chipset

Audio, Front mounted stereo speakers | Beats Audio

, IR blaste

, Smaller footprint



Sony Xperia Z over HTC One


IP57 dust and water protection

Larger screen

All glass body

Higher resolution camera

microSD card support

Thinner body


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