Sony presents the financial resultaros 2013


Sony presents the financial resultaros 2013


The company just introduced the report with the final results achieved during fiscal 2013 , the period ending March 31. Sony has had results that were not all bad and it shows that the market is waiting to next generation.

Sony has had a drop in sales of 12.2% compared to the results of 2012 and during the last quarter of the year, sales of the Playstation 3 have fallen since the company announced the new console. The company expects that many of the new buyers are waiting until the end of 2013 to gain a Playstation 4 rather than buy and the current model.

Both Playstation 3 and PSP have seen a significant decline in sales and if we add to what little stability he has had all year PS Vita, does the company have had much less profit . Sales of the latter seems to begin to recover in the Japanese market (thanks to new releases and price cut), which may mean that little by little the rest of the market will also recovering

Sony presents the financial resultaros 2013
Sony presents the financial resultaros 2013


Sony believes that PSP and PS Vita sold 5 million over the next year

Playstation 3 and Playstation 2 has sold during the past fiscal year to 16.5 million units and two laptops on the market Sony has 7 million . In any case they wanted to separate the numbers by platform, so do not know how many units have been sold exactly each.

The gaming division has achieved a profit amounting to 1700 million yen and compared to last year’s figures (29.3000), we have not gone so lightly. Although as has been the market last year, Sony should be happy to stay positive.

The company expects to ” significantly increase sales “in the next fiscal year closing March 31, 2014 and from then on, year after year things will gradually improve. Let’s hope so and that both Sony and other companies will now go up.

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