Sony Preparing To Launch New PlayStation Thinner


Sony Preparing To Launch New PlayStation Thinner


Sony sends invitations to the presentation of the PlayStation thinner this coming January 30. All indications are that this is the new version of PS Vita 2000 , which is available in Japan recently.

Sony Preparing To Launch New PlayStation Thinner
Sony Preparing To Launch New PlayStation Thinner

Sony is betting strongly in its new home console, the PlayStation 4 , however long your current portable consolePS Vita , has been set aside for the public. It seemed that no one interested PS Vita, so it sounds hard to say, and the reign of the Nintendo 3DS for portable consoles is undeniable.

But things are changing . Not that PS Vita is close to overthrow the reign of the 3DS, no, but I was born a great interest in the Sony console, thanks to the recent movements of the company in this regard. Already worth buying a PS Vita , as I said a few weeks ago and now has a huge catalog of great india games that make it more attractive, and also the compatibility and connectivity features PS4 make it even more attractive.

But we need more, we need to lower the price of the console, make it more attractive for young audiences and convince everyone that it is the ideal companion for PlayStation 4. In Japan, is now available the newPS Vita 2000 , which is nothing but a thinner and colorful version of the current console. Today, Sony tells us that the console is about to reach the West ..

tearaway-ps-vitaSony Preparing To Launch New PlayStation Thinner
tearaway-ps-vitaSony Preparing To Launch New PlayStation Thinner

The company has begun to send invitations to specialized media to witness the presentation of “the world’s thinnest PlayStation”, and without doubt this is the new PS Vita 2000, debuting soon in the Western market, including the U.S., Europe and Latin America.

PS Vita PS Vita TV 2000 could come together to westPS Vita 2000 (which certainly have another name in these parts) has one major difference from the current model features an LCD display panel, not OLED, which means that discerning will not have the same quality of image on your console, although the difference is very little. Of course, the big advantage is that it makes it cheaper , so we expect a price below 200 dollars or euros.

In addition, the new PS Vita is available in various colors that make it very attractive. For the rest, maintains the same features as its predecessor.

But rumors suggest that Sony may also have the new PS Vita TV , a portable version of the game created to carry laptop and make steaming of any PlayStation game (using PlayStation Now ) to a TV, with a price of just $ 100. A shoot can be breaking into the market.

On January 30 we will leave doubts and Sony know what lies ahead in the world of entertainment.

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