Water is being the most precious thing day by day one of the most increasing pollutions is seems to be water pollution. Freshwater reservoirs are the most affected from this form of pollution but drastically the ultimate destination of these freshwater streams THE OCEANS are ultimately destroying. Dubai based on the shore of the Gulf of Aden all the needs of Dubai water supply is based on the Gulf of Aden because Dubai doesn’t have any kind of fresh water reservoir. Like any river stream or lake. All the water needs are fulfilled by the desalination process of the water from the Gulf of Aden.


This process makes Dubai water more precious. Un-doughtily your living is just because of the water you drink and use in a different walk of life like washing and cleaning. By the government of Dubai water supply at your place is states responsibility but from this outlet, it’s your own responsibility to take care of this liquid life.

In any area where the human infestation is present normally two kinds of plumbing work is needed:

  1. Clean Water Plumbing
  2. Sanitation

Both of the plumbing have their own challenges and expertise. GLPC has one of the most experienced teams of plumbing having vast and hands-on experience on both kinds of plumbing aspects and also familiar to work in the environment of Dubai.


Clean water plumbing cumulates from the water inlet and tends to go to the tap from where you extract water for usage. It includes the sealed water lines mostly underground or under walls. Different kinds of taps, Showers, and valves.
In Dubai like cities where weather and water are not proportional to each other and the supply water is infested artificially with minerals, many kinds of problems have to be faced like blockage and mineral integration. Which can cause blockage and in worst cases, the supply pipes are birched inside the walls and the whole of the water supply system goes down as well as your walls start brattling and your beautiful interior became a ghost house?

In old flats and houses where metallic pipes are used faced this problem more than the modern PVC pipes. The old metallic pipes are rotten because of the weather condition of Dubai and also water pressure inside them.

In PVC pipes the piercing problem is not so common but the leakage in the joints are so common because their joining system is based on hot iron melting some time the exact temperature is failed to join the two parts exactly.

Another aspect of clean water plumbing is the installation of outlet points. In today’s world, any kind of modern and elegant taps, showers and other accessories are in the market that not only beautifies your interior but makes your water use safe but installing them is bit tricky and unavailability of due experience made your luxury a nightmare forever.

Sanitation is one of the most dangerous water pollutants to infest your body but it is also the most common type to be extracted from any human infested place mostly the sanitation is culminated through the network of filth pits and underground lining of wide pipes to take away the material from your place.

As Dubai has no flowing sanitation system and the sanitary water is taken out by loading tankers to treatment plants. For the short while, it is holed by your own storage tanks which produce very high pressure on your own sanitation system. The major problem faced by the people of Dubai is Drain Blockages and leakage.

GLPC has a very competent team to get on these issues equipped with latest equipment’s and experience our workforce is on the shore to take you to clean any time anywhere. Our mobile teams are available 24/7 and only one calls away from you so please don’t hesitate to contact.

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