Secret Messaging Apps Parents Need to Know About


Secret Messaging Apps Parents Need to Know About

What Are Secret Messaging Apps?

Gone are the days when kids required dairies and letters to exchange secret messages. Even Facebook, which was once a sole runner in the social networking industry, is outdated for secret messaging. Times changed, so did the channels. Now, there are secret messaging apps used by teens to avoid the snooping eyes of their parents. But, are these apps safe for your teens?

If you are searching for the best parental control to regulate kids’ digital life, check out the features of Bit Guardian Parental control app. Secure your teens messaging addiction by controlling the habit with the right parental control software.

Why Are Secret Messaging Apps Dangerous for Teens?

It is essential to understand that secret messaging app themselves do not pose any threat on your teens, but they provide a platform to persuade and lead kids to unfamiliar and exciting environments which are beyond their self-control.

The messaging apps offer a variety of platforms to text, video chat, date or live stream an event with people (known and unknown). These apps have a self-destructing capability that deletes texts, pictures or videos after a certain time.

Unintentionally, kids get in touch with unfamiliar faces and end up exchanging personal information with strangers. Out of which, several online offenders capture screenshots and store them for extortion or harassment. And, then one thing leads to another.

Four secret messaging apps for android that every parent should know about

It is advisable to stay informed on the latest trends in technology and teen’s life. It takes just a few Google searches and clicks to find out what’s brewing in the market.

So, here are four apps teens use, that parents should know about:

  1. Whisper

Whisper is a unique online community, encouraging users to share their life’s queries and confessions anonymously. The app allows teens to discuss topics like depression and anxiety, substance abuse, teachers, sexual desires, etc. teens can easily expose their location through the app. Even if you disable the geo-location, the city, state and nationality are still visible. The “nearby” option invites discussions from your vicinity, and strangely it is isn’t hard to identify people then.  This confession app, although anonymous, offers a “Meet up” section for exchanging personal information. Whisper is an easy playground for cyber bullies and sexual poachers.

  1. Snapchat

Snapchat is an exciting ground to text via images and videos. The sender can determine the time that the recipient can view until it disappears. The major loophole is that it doesn’t matter how long the image is visible, as the recipient can easily capture screenshots. To make the entire process safe, snapchat sends a notification to the sender when screenshots are clicked. Still, that doesn’t stop the consequences.

  1. Kik

Kik is a messenger app for instant messaging with friends and encourages messaging strangers as well. This app is also infamous for promoted chats – between companies and users- that offer products for sale. Privacy is a big concern on this app as it allows exchanging texts, photos, and videos with known and unknown people.

  1. Telegram

Another instant messaging app for making calls, sharing photos and videos and files with friends. This app too has a self-destructing chat feature that will delete messages from both party’s device. So, parents cannot go back to previous chats and contacts to know what had happened.

How can the best parental control app for Android help?

It is evident that the trending messaging apps are influencing kids especially teens into actions which have severe repercussions. There are have been severe cases of murder and child pornography through one of these apps.

Every parent should take appropriate action before the situation gets out of your hand. So, here are four features of Bit Guardian Parental Control app that comes to your rescue:

  • Parental Control App for App Block– Block apps which pose a risk of sexting, connecting to strangers, allowing unhealthy dating, etc. Control your teen’s addiction to protect them from undesirable situations like sexual harassment.
  • Parental Control App for Panic– In case your kids are in a crisis due to cyberbullying or extortion, provide them a button to reach you immediately.
  • Parental Control App for App install Block– Let the explicit content, and secret messaging service apps do not see the daylight on your kid’s cell phone. Block the authority to download new apps.
  • Parental Control App for Kiosk mode– Carry your kids’ cell phone remotely in your hand. Decide the appropriate apps without your child’s intervention.

Our idea of enlightening parents about secret messaging apps is not to worry them if seen optimistically- encrypted and self-destructing features are truly great for your kid’s privacy. What we actually advise parents is to keep a close watch on the content being sent. Keep an eye on their activities at home and school and control any damage before it takes a wrong turn.

Install and leverage the features of Bit Guardian Parental Control app to secure teens from the perils of secret messaging apps.

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