Samsung Smart Camera 3.0 new family of cameras connected


Samsung Smart Camera 3.0 new family of cameras connected


For quite some time that the cameras stopped being just that, cameras. Little by little they have been incorporating new features to these devices, especially in order to compete with, until recently unexpected but very fierce enemy mobile phones. And few could imagine, when Nokia presented its memorable 7650, that this camera with VGA (640 × 480) resolution, ie … 0.3 megapixel camera that the concept of integrated on the phone was going to be such a big revolution . Today, camera makers have to be able to equip their new models not only benefits above those integrated in mobile (something increasingly difficult, seeing products like Nokia Lumia 1020 , with its impressive 41 megapixel ) but offer features that, until recently, no one would have expected to find in a camera. And in that line is Samsung Smart Camera 3.0, the new range of connected cameras Korean manufacturer, ranging from compact models to carry around, as Samsung WB50F up equipment for advanced users with interchangeable lenses, such asSamsung NX30 . These are new models, whose common denominator is connectivity.


Samung NX30:-

Samung NX30
Samung NX30

The Samsung NX30 is a camera mirrorless (no mirror) interchangeable lens with APS-C CMOS sensor of 20 megapixels and equipped with an image processor DRIMeIV . Among its benefits, highlights the high level of sensitivity, which allows reasonably clear photos in low light conditions. Not surprisingly, the rangeis from ISO 100-25600 . In regard to video recording, supports FullHD (1080p) at 60 frames per second .It has a digital display, as well as 3-inch Super AMOLED HD, which reveals in more detail the result of footage and recordings.


Galaxy Camera 2:-

Galaxy Camera 2
Galaxy Camera 2

If the first version of the Samsung Galaxy Camera was clearly a kind of mobile with advanced camera and good benefits, its evolution is more reminiscent of a camera and less mobile. It maintains, however, usability parameters of its predecessor, this camera make it a more interesting for users who want an easy camera to handle option but offering a good level of quality, and the ability to perform certain manual adjustments . It has a s Ensor 16 megapixel BSI CMOS , also capable of capturing full HD video (1080p) . One of the most notable (and striking) aspects of the camera is its 21x optical zoom , well above what it offers the most compact. It is equipped with a 1.6 GHz Quad-Core and two 2.0 GB of RAM, which provides optimal performance for the camera functions.


WB Series:-

WB Series
WB Series

Within the family of WB cameras, Samsung has included five new models in Smart Camera 3.0 .



The “top-end” model family WB is a bridge (high end compact) with a 60x optical zoom (20-1200mm) , making it an interesting alternative for those users looking for a compact camera but while, with a potential as versatile focal range, as an alternative to “load” with interchangeable lens camera, and of course, the collection thereof. And thanks to its vertical grip (a common complement in SLRs, but not in the bridge), included in the standard design (ie, it is not necessary to acquire as an additional supplement) facilitates both horizontal jacks and vertical with high stability, without using a tripod. It has a backlit 16.3 megapixel CMOS sensor (1/2, 3 inches) and can record video in full HD (1080p) format at 30 frames per second .



Within the line of compact cameras but with advanced features and a good zoom, to suit almost all circumstances (ie, that are quite versatile), the Samsung WB1100F has a backlit CMOS sensor 16.20 megapixels and what makes it so versatile a 35x zoom , with which covers the 35mm equivalent focal range 25-875 .



Turning now to the line of compact and lightweight camera, the Samsung WB350F features a BSI-CMOS sensor 16 megapixels (this is a particularly sensitive sensor, eliminating the need for flash in some cases) and a zoom optical 21x (equivalence in 35mm: 23-483 ) on a device with an attractive design of 114 x 65 x 25 mm and 276 grams weight.



The principal owners of Samsung WB50F is that, unlike the ordinary in this segment of cameras integrated in the same flash is adjustable not only in intensity but also in position, which as a rule is reserved for external flashes . This feature allows you to explore all the creative possibilities of different lighting schemes, which is usually not possible with a compact. It features a 16.20 megapixel CCD sensor , 12x optical zoom , with equivalence to 35mm 24-288 .



Although it is also a compact camera, the Samsung WB35F designed, in performance, especially considering video enthusiasts, who will find in it a small device size, easy to handle and features a quality more than adequate for video recording. Your s Ensor 16 megapixel CCD and 12x optical zoom ( 24-288in 35mm equivalence) can record full HD video (1080p) and taking panoramic photos, thanks to the feature Live Panorama .

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