Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Made burglar


Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Made burglar


Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Made burglar
Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Made burglar..

Samsung Electronics will increase security for the Galaxy S5 . The Company seeks to prevent rampant theft device mobile by providing a free feature called Find My Mobile and reactivation Lock. Samsung Galaxy S5

“Samsung is responding to the issue of theft very seriously. And we continue to improve the safety and anti-theft solutions,” Samsung said in a statement on Friday, April 4, 2014 . 

This new feature will allow users Samsung Galaxy S5and use the device to track the account owner information for me reset the phone. Features Find My Mobile and reactivation Lock installed defaulton the phone, but the user must activate it first. 

idea of mounting this feature comes from the number of reports from users about how easy they lose the phone in New York and other major cities. Since then, attorney Eric George Gascon and trigger Schmeidermen Our Secure Smartphone Initiative coalition on a number of mobile phone manufacturers. Their company’s mobile security demands of thieves across the country. 

“Granting that the two new feature for free is a step forward in our efforts to ensure that Samsung can reduce the number of thefts,” said Schneidermen. Samsung Galaxy S5

Previously, Gascon and Schneidermen already talked about this idea in July yesterday, but the Samsung refused. However, Samsung’s decision related to the presence of these features on the Galaxy S5 will be new security innovations that the wireless industry could also provide security for consumers.


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