Samsung Galaxy A51 preorder: Ships from January 17


Samsung Galaxy A51 preorder: Ships from January 17

With the release of the Galaxy A51, Samsung will release further development versions of the Galaxy A50. Now you know exactly when you can buy it in the Netherlands and where you can book it now.

Galaxy A51 pre-order

Last week, Samsung finally announced that the Galaxy A51 will also be released in the Netherlands. You can read more about the device in an early hands-on preview late last year. The device is primarily an improvement over the still popular Galaxy A50. The display no longer has a “notch” but a tiny hole in the front camera. In addition, the A51 has a better high-resolution camera and a brand new lens: a macro lens.

The 6.5-inch Galaxy A51 is internally comparable to the A50. The Exynos 9611 is largely the same as the A50’s 9610, and the battery capacity is again 4000 mAh. From the launch date, the A51 will run on Android 10, including (slightly updated) a UI 2.0 interface.

When is it available?

Last week, Samsung announced that the Galaxy A51 will be available “at the end of January.” Suggested price: 369 euros. We can now post the exact date on it: January 17. At least several stores have stated that they will ship from then on if you have already ordered. Both CoolBlue HERE and HERE have stated that they can be delivered on January 17. You can also book at Belsimpel HERE, although they do not indicate the exact delivery date.

Two weeks later, the Galaxy A71 is available

Similarly, the Galaxy A71 is a slightly larger-a 6.7-inch screen, a 4500 mAh battery, and a higher camera resolution-we now know when it will be available. Specifically, the device appeared in Dutch stores two weeks after the A51 was launched. CoolBlue says it can be delivered on January 31, and is the same. The A71 has a suggested retail price of 469 Euros and can also be booked from today for immediate receipt at launch.

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