Rice pudding Recipe


Rice pudding Recipe

Rice Pudding:-

The Rice Pudding is one of the most traditional desserts and it is easy to do even if it takes a while.

I always say that everyone makes a recipe as you like and more rice pudding is one of those recipes that besides having many different versions created controversy as to the proper way to prepare it .

I rice pudding prepared him directly to cooking rice in milk , some people cook rice first in water and then mixed with milk. I also like to wash the rice well before I cook it in milk. Some say to wash the rice loses creaminess , I think washing the rice have more options that you are NOT sticking and I can assure you this recipe will have one very very creamy rice milk .

Rice pudding Recipe
Rice pudding Recipe

Ingredients Rice Pudding (serves 4):

  • 1 liter of milk
  • 200 grams of round grain rice (almost a full glass tube)
  • 125 grams of sugar
  • 25 grams of butter
  • 2 cinnamon sticks (about the size of the index finger more or less)
  • The zest of one lemon
  • Cinnamon optional

Recipe Rice Pudding (for four people):

  1. Put in a pan liter of warm milk with sugar, lemon peel and cinnamon sticks two . Leave over medium heat until boiling milk.
  2. While the milk is heated will wash the rice under running water . Put the rice in a colander and put it under the faucet. Below the strainer that will put a pileup collecting water drained rice. In the pileup we can see that the water that falls has a whitish color (rice starch). When you first start out clear off the tap and leave to drain the rice .
  3. Once milk boils, add the rice and stir well wrung . We put the fire to a medium low heat and let it go by the rice for 50-60 minutes . There you go stirring occasionally, most often as the swelling goes with rice milk, and monitor closely for the last minute or it will stick and burn the rice on the bottom .
  4. When you take 50 minutes the rice test, if you actually have to see how much milk is left in the pot.consider aside if still absorb some rice milk , so if too much milk is left remaining 10 minutes or a little more and removed when milk barely stay .
  5. Off the heat, remove the lemon peel and cinnamon sticks . Add 25 grams of butter into cubes to rice pudding and stir well until melted and integrated with the rice.
  6. Let stand for five minutes and divided into four containers. Sprinkle with cinnamon to taste and garnish, if you like, with a little lemon peel ( see photo ).


Rice pudding Recipe
Rice pudding Recipe

A Spot :

This rice pudding spreads to four medium cups or bowls for two granades . It’s certainly enough for four people and is known as the rice pudding tends to pall if it is abused.

You have to keep in mind that once you remove the rice will absorb heat milk so it is not advisable to leave too little milk for later remain dry. A good reference would leave like a risotto. Now, if you like rice with milk looser (less dry) then you have to fire him away even when there is enough milk but before you do you should check the rice is done. If the rice is done and you’re running out to test milk reduce heat, add a little hot milk (very little) and be sure to remove.

One last thing, when you take out the lemon peel to try not to cut the white part, because it is bitter. Anyway nothing happens if you take this white part, because hardly notice the taste of the rice. If you cut the shell is broken into a couple of pieces but it does not matter not cut it in many pieces have to look after the rice pudding for removal .

I hope you enjoy this recipe for rice pudding and enjoy it on the table with this dish. ‘ll see you in the kitchen . Greetings cooks and chefs.

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