Researched Honeycomb to Treat HIV / AIDS


Researched Honeycomb to Treat HIV / AIDS


Researched Honeycomb to Treat HIV / AIDS
Researched Honeycomb to Treat HIV / AIDS

Propolis produced honeycomb being investigated its usefulness to help cure people with HIV. Manufacturers of products based on natural bee health, harmony Dynamic Indonesian PT (HDI), piloted in one of the hospitals in the Pacific.

Developing Senior Manager Business and Product PT HDI Alva Paloma said propolis produced from beehives, as well as honey, pollen, and royal jelly. “Each has unique benefits,” he said when met in Solo, Saturday, June 17, 2014.

Propolis is a waxy coating found around the bee hives. The coating serves to intercept microorganisms that try to get into the nest. “It made ??honeycomb always sterile,” said Alva.

His company long enough to use propolis as raw material products. The product improves immune function. “It has been proven effective as a complementary treatment of dengue fever,” he said.

Currently the institute is testing the herbal products to help treat people with HIV / AIDS. The test is done by holding one of the hospitals in the region of Bangka. “The test has also been approved by the hospital ethics committee,” said Alva.

He said propolis expected to boost blood levels of CD4 counts in patients with HIV / AIDS. Thus, the immune system can be maintained like a healthy person. However, the use of propolis remains to be coupled with medical drugs. “Therefore, propolis only complementary or complementary nature,” he said.

Unfortunately, he still cannot call the results obtained from these studies. He said the new research could be published next year. “We will also expand research in Surabaya in cooperation with local hospitals,” he said.

One of the doctors from Gatos Subtotal Army Hospital, Lieutenant Colonel Good Sulistyo Budhi, said it had been trialing the use of propolis in patients with dengue fever. “The results were quite effective,” he said.

According to Good, patients taking propolis extract can be discharged from the hospital two days sooner than those not taking it. “Levels of platelets in the blood also increase fast enough,” he said.

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