Prohibited Items At Home Because They Contain Black Magic


Prohibited Items At Home Because They Contain Black Magic

In this world, it turns out there are black magic objects that are forbidden to be kept at home for any reason. That said, if done then the rewards are very deadly! Black magic is not just a myth that is displayed in horror stories, films, and mere TV series. The proof, many tribes who still practice this magic until now. Believe it or not, the things they use can bring bad luck and death to anyone who has them. It will be very difficult to remove black magic when our condition is weak and consumed by black magic. We sometimes do not realize that these objects and items are tools used by black magic experts to harm people! What could it be?

1. The Secondhand Shroud

As you well know, the shroud is a type of cloth that binds the corpse of a Muslim before being buried. Unlike the shroud that is still new (which has never been used by a corpse), the used shroud is a cloth that has been used by someone who has died but was dug up again for magic purposes.
In some beliefs in the world, this used shroud is used to master the genie who can do whatever we want. The used shroud is very dangerous because it is believed to invite negative energy and evil spirits into the house.

2. The Grave Dust

In another sense, the grave dust in question is the object that we find in the burial area, from the tombstone to the grave ground. The grave land can be used as material to curse someone, moreover, the land is taken from the burial location of the victim’s intended family. Saving burial ground in the house can invite evil spirits which can damage the harmony of the family. In addition, according to Norwegian beliefs, land that is stored in cloth that has been mixed with special readings and thrown into the house can kill the occupants in it.

3. The Bones

The bones are used in the practice of black magic, Voodoo, and other occult rituals. This bone can come from any living thing, human or animal, the effect is equally harmful. The practice of necromancy or the science of raising a dead person requires decomposed corpses about 5 months after being buried.

In addition to the above practice, bones are also used by old Indian tribes as a medium of introduction to the afterlife, if one family member who is still alive wants to meet with relatives who have died. Because it has a very strong magical value, most people bury bones in the soil around the house to avoid the bad luck that ends in death.

4. The Urine

The urine is a very strong and powerful black magic medium. If you can get someone’s urine and store it in a spelled jar, you can make that person fall in love with you, you can make that person is good for you, you can make that person happy with you, you can make that person love your job and many more. In addition, urine is also used as a cursed tool.

A mixture of urine, some herbal leaves, and a little nail cut from the victim to be addressed can make him feel sick or dehydrated to death. Most of the ‘magicians’ who store the urine in their homes always keep it in the wooden boxes. It is said that the wood material that is attached to nature that can counteract the negative energy of the urine so that it does not harm the owner.

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