Pineapple sherbet, coconut and banana


Pineapple Sherbet, Coconut and Banana


If you want to surprise your guests with a refreshing and delicious sorbet, sure you get the Pineapple Sherbet, Coconut and Banana , is an infallible combination and developed with natural fruit, except coconut, it is also nutritious.

The Pineapple Sorbet is a recipe that can be taken as a dessert or as a cocktail . I’ve even bathed before serving with a splash of Malibu Super refreshing and sweet. If you want to prepare this sorbet for little kids, you just have to do without the rum that we have included in their preparation. Sure so no one refuses to eat fruit.

Pineapple sherbet, coconut and banana
Pineapple sherbet, coconut and banana


280 grams of banana (3 units) , 220 grams of fresh pineapple , 170 grams of coconut cream , white rum 20 grams , 130 grams of clear (3 or 4 egg whites) , 25 grams invert sugar .

Pineapple sherbet, coconut and banana

Put in the glass of the Thermomix or blender peeled and sliced ??bananas, pineapple also chopped, first remove the interior trunk that is hard, coconut cream and rum. If you do not have coconut cream, you can add natural coconut pulp , then you must also add sugar to taste, it is not as sweet as coconut cream commercial.

Once you obtain a fine and homogeneous cream, hand it to a container with a tight lid and insert it into the freezer. Every half hour, take it out to beat and prevent crystals from forming.

Pineapple sherbet, coconut and banana
Pineapple sherbet, coconut and banana

Monta whites until stiff with a pinch of salt, when are firm incorporates invert sugar as you continue beating. As with lemon sorbet , when fruit cream starts to be frozen, the egg whites and incorporates mixture enveloping movements.

Re-enter the container in the freezer and beat him out for about an hour, until you have the desired texture.

You can serve the sorbet of pineapple, coconut and banana into balls with a spoon for ice cream, serve in bowls and garnish with chocolate sprinkles, finally, adults only, add if you want some whipped coconut, though one or with chocolate sauce will also be great.

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