Optimus G2 II LG Optimus L9 D500 incoming August 7


Optimus G2 II  LG Optimus L9 D500 incoming August 7

Optimus G2 II  LG Optimus L9


LG has announced the launching of two best mobiles-smartphone Optimus G2 II LG Optimus L9 an event for August 7 in New York. The speculation about it already going crazy for the network. Initially it was thought that the protagonist would have been G2 Optimus. the Optimus G2 II LG Optimus L9 is best smartphone in upcoming days. these smartphones seems that this also will be joined by Optimus L9 II and a brand new model of low-end. The Korean company would in fact cover all price ranges and performance: the model at the top, until the entry level.

Optimus G2 II LG Optimus L9 is clearly the flagship smartphone. the model of Optimus G2 II with best display size. The size of Display 5″ full HD, 800 Snapdragon CPU, 2 GB RAM and 13-megapixel camera. The camera resolution is too much fantastic.

LG Optimus L9 (LG-D600) is instead the proposal for the mid-range. It has also good display size. The size of Display is 4.7″. It has also full HD , CPU Snapdragon 400, 1 GB RAM and Android 4.1.2 version.

The LG D500 will ultimately be the entry level. the display diagonal not specified.
>> Resolution qHD
>> CPU Snapdragon 200
>> camera 3 megapixel camera resolution
>> Bluetooth 4.0 version
>> NFC
>> Android 4.1.2 version .

This is obviously speculation does not officially confirmed, but just to give some credibility to the source, we show also three screenshots that should belong to Optimus G2: the smartphone is expected to arrive already with Android 4.2.2, and apparently will be equipped with navbar with virtual keys on the screen, thereby eliminating physical solutions and concentrating everything in the large display edge-to-edge, but perhaps with buttons on the back of the device. The three images do not show obvious signs of forgery, but the thing that puzzles us is the position of the three virtual keys: home is always at the center, but back and menus are reversed positions on the two screenshots, in the transition from portrait to landscape, and perhaps only means that can be customized, or maybe not. We’ll find out only after some time, with the next leak.


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