Ninja New Bike Launcher Ninja Kawasaki H2R


Ninja New Bike Launcher Ninja Kawasaki H2R: a 300 hp bike without limits

Ninja New Bike Launcher Ninja Kawasaki H2R
Ninja New Bike Launcher Ninja Kawasaki H2R

The Ninja Kawasaki H2R is the new bike made ??of the Japanese that leaves no room for compromise. With a 998 cc engine and an innovative compression system developed by the division jet is able to unleash the incredible power of 300 horsepower , making it the most powerful bikes available for purchase .

Ninja Kawasaki H2R has not released exact figures about the specifics, but said that the turbocharger is powered by centrifugal Section Gas Turbine & Machinery Co., while the aerospace division was responsible for aerodynamics.

As for the specifications, no information on the output market or its price. As it is easy to see this fireball, which is certainly not a bike for everyone, will have a high price and also can travel only in closed circuits. For more information on this model by real enthusiasts not only remains to wait for the next EICMA in Milan, which will be held in about two weeks.


Model Ninja Kawasaki H2R
Engine 998 cc
Power 300 horsepower



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