next virus will come from the charger


Next Virus Will Come From The Charger

next virus will come from the charger
next virus will come from the charger

Hi Friends here I am going to discus about new virus that wills next virus will come from the charger. The next virus will come from the charger. That is new virus comes from charger and if our phone charger is defected our mobile is defiantly defected. If virus in our charge after that it comes in our mobile. Here are the some thoughts if you like please support me..
Do not accept a charge from strangers;
The charger can in fact hide a virus that will infect your smartphone. It is the argument of three students of the Georgia Institute of Technology. Who will participate in the annual hacker conference, Black Hat, scheduled for next July? In view of the event have published a summary of what will prove a month in front of colleagues to hack: a charger modified able to bypass the security systems of the last mobile operating system from Apple, iOS, what is considered the safest out there. So it is likely that the flaw should also include other operating systems. FAST AND HIDDEN – Waiting to see the work of infecting the charger, dubbed by researchers matins, we are content with the description given to them: it was developed from a Beagle Board (a card that houses a minicomputer) of Texas Instruments, one of those that are easily found on the market for less than $ 50, and is capable of transmitting a malicious software in less than a minute. Infection occurs without the user having to interact with the phone, they simply need to connect it. The malware is more difficult to identify because it is setting up in the same place where Apple hides native applications for iOS. HACKER GOOD – matins has a visibly suspect that hardly go unnoticed given bigger than a normal charger, but scholars warn build one that reduced size is only a matter of time (given the trend towards miniaturization of processors) or money. The specifications of the system are able to bypass the security of iOS will be made ??public so that they can take the necessary countermeasures to stop the leak. Fortunately discover this new vulnerability of smartphones were researchers who are hacking for a good purpose, namely to help to find remedies and improve the products and the safety of users. In other hands, the discovery would have more harmful consequences.


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