New Windows 8 machines announced By Lenovo:CES 2013


New Windows 8 machines announced By Lenovo:CES 2013


Lenovo has already released a number of touchscreen-based Windows 8 laptops, including the Yoga 13 convertible.The announcement of a range of Windows 8 hardware.It looks like Lenovo has a plan up its sleeve to bring everyone from hardcore gamers to small-business owners to the Windows 8 fold.

They include the IdeaPad U310 and U410 Ultrabooks(U series).The U310 Touch,Is 18 mm thick and Intel Core processors inside, weighing 3.85 pounds and sporting a 13.3-inch screen.The U410 Touch, Is 21 mm thick, weighting 4.4 pounds and has a 14-inch screen.

The  Ultra book is 3rd gen Intel Core i7 processor.They will be released in the March-April time frame with prices starting at $779 approx.The U310 will be available in March with prices starting at about $780 (Rs 42,900 approx.) The U410 hits in April with prices starting at about $850 (Rs. 46,750 approx.)
The company will also release larger Z Series IdeaPad Z400 and Z500 notebooks.Lenovo also announced a new all-in-one PC,It comes with an 27 inch screen and Resolution 1920×1080 or an optional 2560×1440 screen.  It’s due in June for a starting price of $1,499.The Z series machines come with up to 3rd gen standard voltage Intel Core i7 processors and include the latest NVIDIA GeForce graphics technology.

Finally, Lenovo announced the ThinkVision LT1423p mobile monitor with a 13.3 inch 1600×900 Gorilla Glass touchscreen. This monitor is designed to give users a “second screen” experience with full Windows 8 UI support.

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