Mark of the Ninja Best Playstation Game


Mark of the Ninja Best Playstation Game


Mark of the Ninja Best Playstation Game
Mark of the Ninja Best Playstation Game

The star creation of independent development studio Klei Entertainment , today is definitely Mark of the Ninja .

Almost a year ago at this time, on October 16, 2012 to be more specific, we could get their hands on one of the titles of 2D action more surprising that one would expect for such limited entertainment productions intended for Computers Personal or PC’s as usually short.

Surprises can be unpleasant or good, there is always doubt. But with Mark of the Ninja cleared all fears nothing start the game and see the amazing visuals and the perfect sound that were part of his video introduction. Delight to the senses, there is nothing.

Who does not remember the eighties boom of oriental films martial arts, Kung-fu to the head with a legion of titles covering both the technical mastery of the martial demonstrations as the antics and humor of some of the actors ( Jackie Chan and gave the trick for The Comedy Club ). Then there were the karateka, something more serious for his fierce Japanese education but gave too many chances when distribute cakes.

But of them all, the ninjas were the most fascinating … here at least for a. server devious, mysterious, treacherous and especially fatal . Check the appearance of a ninja in film and commanded respect, they seemed almost invincible and his mystical “aura” gave them an additional point of interest on their rivals in action movies.

That feeling of being in possession of elite skills as they come, is that first experience when we get into the skin of the protagonist of Mark of the Ninja 


Opening the box Mark of the Ninja:-

Mark of the Ninja Best Playstation Game1
Mark of the Ninja Best Playstation Game1


Connoisseurs have this in the video game industry, that if the script blends a good story with an impeccable production , success and fortune to your door call almost safely. If we add the support of a large company for distribution of our creations (Microsoft Studios ), we will win money and fame in abundance.

Although the initial publication of Mark of the Ninja was for the console Xbox 360 on September 7, 2012, was the PC version which received the most praise and acclaim from critics, with an average score of 9/10 in almost All reviews and analysis .

For our analysis , we are going to give the opportunity for readers as you do them the final note … with messages and comments indicating your score.

The story of Mark of the Ninja begins in the secret lair of an ancient ninja clan carrying concealed and working in the shadows for centuries. Our nameless protagonist (as a good ninja, the first thing is to forget the name) attends shocked to attack and exterminate your clan is receiving at the hands of the evil corporation Hessian , led by villain Count Karajan .

The game is based on a 2D side-scrolling environment , with multiple references to the mythical title ochentero Saboteur saving the obvious technological differences of course.

With a spectacular graphics that evoke the best comics of superheroes, the strength of Mark of the Ninja is certainly in l got to exquisite setting . The effects of light and shadow, accompanied by meteorological elements we provide a range of visual demonstrations to remove his hat.

In the audio section, Mark of the Ninja brings together a soundtrack and environmental effects (such as rain, thunder or the voices of the guards) that provide an impressive artistic level. Synchronizing sound with the actions and events of the game perfectly round.


Infiltration, stealth, action and strategy:-

Mark of the Ninja Best Playstation Game
Mark of the Ninja Best Playstation Game


Remembering legendary games like Metal Gear Solid Tenchu ??or Splinter Cell , we can state that are based on exploiting specific skills of the protagonists. It is clear that these titles can go ahead and kill as many enemies oppose us, but the fact that this strategy game will not let get too far.

In Mark of the Ninja the most important skill is stealth, followed by the precision of movements and study the behavior of the enemy.

The Hessian corporation has an almost unlimited number of military resources, has an art weaponry to which our hero ninja has nothing to do with his darts, hooks and swords. But in the shadows and in the melee, we will not have a clear … going anywhere near. we is the eternal conflict between the ancient tradition of a ninja clan and modern methods of a ruthless corporation .

Learning to move between the shadows will be our first need in Mark of the Ninja, since otherwise the guards us to detect the first change and our mission will end in a way that we like very little.

In addition each type has its own guidelines call monitoring , along with the use of dogs to detect us as we approach its vicinity. If we locate the alarm activation party invite too many guests to dispatch all.

Use the built environment of the missions we will make a big difference , but you have to study well the paths of soldiers and vigilantes, and learn to avoid the countless electronic devices that are part of the amazing system of building safety. From simple light sources detectors sound and movement, through lasers, armored doors and access codes.


Playing Mark of the Ninja:-


Mark of the Ninja Best Playstation Game3
Mark of the Ninja Best Playstation Game3


Our anonymous ninja protagonist has been tattooed with ink from a strange plant that gives formidable powers, an absolute mastery of the senses and perception of the surrounding environment .

But on the other hand has to pay a terrible price, because the ink contains a toxin that eventually will make the ninja freak out and become a danger to his entire clan. At this point, the ninja champion should end his own life for the sake of their own . This is the fatal destiny that awaits our shadow warrior.

Mark of the Ninja is divided into 4 phases, consisting of a total of 12 different levels . From Rescue to Azai ninja master hunting evil Count Karajan, we will have to overcome these chapters:

  1. Hisomu – Jo : Den of our ninja clan, where we rescue our brothers and teacher Azai Hessian attack.
  2. Oshi : the fabric of buildings Hessian corporation.
  3. Castle Hessian : the duel with Count Karajan.
  4. The Ruins : the search of the mystery of the tattoos ink (DLC).

Each task you perform in the game will give us a number of valuable experience points , which then serve to acquire new skills, ninja weapons and equipment (nails, spikes traps, smoke bombs … etc).

At the beginning of each level allows us to choose our ninja equipment , this is one of the first major decisions as each inventory item will be appropriate for different strategies. For example the trap of spikes will kill the guards do not see it, or smoke bomb make us disappear from view of the guards. You choose, annihilation or stealth.


Mark of the Ninja Best Playstation Game4
Mark of the Ninja Best Playstation Game4


The development of the game in each level is based on the use of checkpoints to avoid having to start from scratch every time you make a mistake and your character lose all your health points. every checkpoint we will propose a major objective we must overcome to reach the next checkpoint … and so on until the end of each level .

In addition to the main objectives, the levels offer a number of secondary objectives that will bring us additional experience points . There are also secret passages that will lead to special accommodation including additional challenges. You have to manipulate all objects in the environment, Mark of the Ninja has a lot curiosity prize .

The way to kill the guards is also important, as is murder quieter more points we get . Number of deleted guards also influences our final score, as the deaths committed fewer valued.

If I like games of action, stealth and infiltration techniques, 2D adventures and a perfect finish … I recommend you to buy Mark of the Ninja .



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