Manohar Parrikar Dies


Manohar Parrikar Dies

Manohar Parrikar's birth, December 13, 1955 to March 17, 2019, Manohar Parrikar Bohat was the leader of the right Indian politician and Bharatiya Janata Party, who had worked on behalf of the Chief Minister of Goa till his death on March 14, 2017. Earlier, he served as Chief Minister of Goa from 2000 to 2005 and 2012 to 2014

Manohar Parrikar Dies. Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar did not live in this world after a prolonged illness.
Manohar Parikar was 63 years old. And he died after 63 years of age, which is a very sad posture. Manohar Parrikar was suffering from a serious illness which was pancreatic cancer. He was suffering from this disease for a long time.
President Ramnath Kovind gave information about Manohar Parrikar’s demise. He gave information about his demise on Twitter and expressed grief. The Chief Minister passed away on Sunday at six and forty minutes. Manohar Parrikar was suffering from this disease since last year. But he was suffering from this disease for the last two days. Over the past few days, the condition of Manohar Parrikar was very bad, but the BJP chief gave the information about his recovery everywhere. What has been wrong Given the decline in their health, they were also admitted to the Medical Hospital of Goa, but the health of Manohar Parrikar became very bad. And the doctor could not save them.
Prime Minister of our country Shri Narendra Modi Ji also expressed his sorrow over his demise. He tweeted, “Manohar Parrikar was a unique leader, a true patriot, and extraordinary administrator, he used to admire all his service to the nation will be remembered by the generations, deeply hurt by his family, his family and supporters. Sympathetic

Rahul Gandhi Tweet:

I am deeply saddened by the news of the passing away of Goa CM Mr. Manohar Parrikar Ji who has struggled with a debilitating illness for more than a year. Honored and acclaimed in party lines, he was one of Goa’s favorite sons. My condolences towards his family in this sad hour.


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