How to Make Best Pastry Technical Event


How to Make Best Pastry Technical Event

 The recipe How to Make Best Pastry Technical Event :-
For a mold cough love or classic brioche

How to Make Best Pastry Technical Event
How to Make Best Pastry Technical Event

The dough  : 250 gm
strong flour * , 150gm butter, 30gm sugar, a pinch of salt, 125gm of whole eggs, egg yolks 50gm, 8gm
organic yeast * , 7 call whole cream. Best Pastry Technical Event
Sift flour, put it in the tank of the robot with the hook, add a side of sugar and salt and the other crumbled yeast -on can also be diluted in lukewarm cream * – Lightly whip the eggs possibly with the cream, add 2/3 the mixture in the food processor and knead at low speed without giving 1/2 of the body. Add the remaining mixture and knead at medium speed 3/4 to get a smooth and shiny device. Gradually add the butter at room temperature and cut into cubes and stop kneading when it is incorporated avoiding heating the dough. You must obtain a silky and elastic preparation. Leave grow * if possible in an oven at 27/28 ° for 30 minutes * , the dough should double in volume. Fold, degas * and reserve cold *. Best Pastry Technical Event
Butter the pan, fill it ¾ with the shaped dough and let it grow again * 30min. Then bake at  170 ° / 180 ° convection * for 25/30 minutes check to the furnace and allow to dry 10 minutes off the oven.Best Pastry Technical Event

How to Make Best Pastry Technical Event
How to Make Best Pastry Technical Event

Caption: Brioche after drying in the oven in its entirety on the left, with the bottom equalized right.
The citrus syrup  : 750g water, 400g sugar, zest and juice of an orange and a lemon, 170g * rum .,
One vanilla pod Boil water, sugar, juice and zest. Off the heat add the vanilla and rum into two, steep, covered, to preserve the fragrance for 15 min and then choosier.(Best Pastry Technical Event )

Finish: a pineapple, QSP * fruit and candied cherries.
Roasted pineapple slices: Cut pineapple in half, cut it into slices. The roast in the oven *150 ° with a little butter and water for 30 min. Drain. (Best Pastry Technical Event )

Mounting: equalize the base cake; soak in the syrup to 45 °. Make incisions around and insert between each pineapple slice. Cut the remaining pineapple into small cubes and garnish the center of cake possibly adding some candied fruit. Decorate the top with cherries. Drizzle with warm syrup possibly at the tasting.

Useful or futile explanations 

How to Make Best Pastry Technical Event
How to Make Best Pastry Technical Event

Before asking your questions, find here the words in bold in the recipe.

Brioche dough: candidates do not have enough time for their dough they therefore have a quick version, if you have your own babe dough recipe use there. (Best Pastry Technical Event )

Strong flour: oatmeal flour or oatmeal + found more easily by milling, if you can use the T45. The strength of flour depends among other things simple and the quality of one of its main components, gluten. Strong flour is preferred for choux pastry, leavened dough’s and pastries, the result will be more elastic.

Organic yeast: in contrast with baking powder is fresh baker’s yeast. I prefer to use fresh diced found very easily be at the bakery or in supermarkets. It also comes in freeze-dried version refer to the package’s instructions for dosages.

How to Make Best Pastry Technical Event
How to Make Best Pastry Technical Event

Element temperature: for a paste well successful the final temperature after kneading cake does not exceed 23 °. I learned during my internship pastries at the Evolve du Grand Chocolates Verona to use all the elements very cold so I’m cool anything, but it is a method among others, then do as you’re used .drop-off window More tips for successful buns pasta is -click here.

Kneading: Once added butter you just wait until it is all incorporated and do not need too long may overheat the dough.

Shoot: for the purposes of issuing time to shoot were shortened, leave you in the dough double in volume.

Degassing: this is folded dough for discharging the carbon dioxide released by the action of yeast.

Rum: it is optional as always.

Strain: pass through a Chinese or simply an ordinary strainer.

QSP: enough to.

The roasted pineapple: You can also roast your half slices of pineapple in a pan with a little butter.

Refrigerate: you are not competing so for best brioche dough it is better after the first push of the leave overnight flat and filmed in the refrigerator before shaping.

Cooking and drying: temperature and time are indicative of against it is important to let the oven dry bun off when finished cooking.

The imbibing: you have the syrup is at the right temperature to prevent the dough crumbles.

Cutting slices: careful not to incise too deep, it is necessary that the whole is stable and the cookie does not open.

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