Magento vs WordPress. Which platform offers more in 2019?


Magento vs WordPress. Which platform offers more in 2019?

Choosing to make an e-commerce website is really an easy part of the puzzle. The real challenge is to choose the platform for doing so that is efficient and meets all your business demands. The two biggest stands out candidates are Magento and WordPress. Whether it is a Magento development company in India, or a WordPress development company, both have experienced similar hikes in their success graph with the current market wind. But to choose between the two, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration.

With that said, which E-commerce website platform is more suited in 2019? Let’s find out.

  1. Simplicity: Between the two, WordPress is like the older brother and therefore, more conventional and simplistic in its approach. No complex coding is involved with WordPress so it is not a professional-exclusive platform. A limited number of templates and designing tools means that WordPress is more beginner friendly.
  2. Functionality: As mentioned earlier, Magento with its extensive features is more suited for building complex eCommerce platforms. To start an online business website, Magento allows you to create a number of CMS pages, and other key features here include- creating and managing products and product catalogs, arranging customer address in list form, extensive payment and shipping methods, order modification and more.
    WordPress, on the other hand, is more Content eccentric. The platform is perhaps the best for the purpose of creative content writing or blog management. If you want to pitch your business to a large audience without actually selling the products there, but rather a physical store, then WordPress is the real deal.
  3. Flexibility: WordPress, in general, is highly flexible. We can say that because it comes with a large bundle of plugins and widgets. These plugins are much easier to install and quite a lot of them are free of cost. With their help, you can customize your web page with your eyes shut. Additionally, thousands of themes and extensions make your layout quite attractive to the visitors.
  4. Security: Even though plugin installation is much easier with WordPress, it doesn’t have inbuilt plugin support. So the developer has to depend on third-party plugin providers with WordPress and then makes your content vulnerable. If not chosen smartly, the whole website becomes vulnerable to cyber attacks.
    Having said that, compared to Magento, WordPress has a much wider community base so all your query is usually just a few clicks away from getting sorted out. A wide online support network is perhaps the biggest reason why people choose WordPress even today.
  5. Development: The year is 2019, and people today have 100s’ of impressive alternatives for setting up businesses, it’s ‘Survival of the fittest’ out here. Magento 2.3.0 is the latest updation for Magento while WordPress 5.1.1 is the newest brainchild of WordPress developers.

With development, we drive our attention to what the future beholds for your business. WordPress has been a major player for the better part of two decades now, but what it means is that the platform doesn’t always provide the latest functionalities that Magento can.

If you are not content with just setting up an online store, and are willing to see it grow astronomically to far beyond reaches, then Magento has the upper hand for its ‘development’ based performance.

Conclusion: After glancing at all the metrics, it’s visible that a straight up comparison between the two is unfair. This is because while WordPress is a robust platform that is much more suited for personal blog writing or introducing your company’s basic info with your viewers.

While on the other hand, if your main objective is to sell products via an E-commerce platform and grow your business online, then not many platforms can hold a candle to what Magento has to offer.

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