iPhone users make free calls Via Facebook


iPhone users make free calls Via Facebook





WASHINGTON: iPhone users make free calls via facebook messenger.its free calling feature in messenger. The free call feature was released in Canada a few weeks ago. iPhone to iPhone free calls who using the Messenger app. One cannot use the feature to make calls on landline or cellphone numbers.

According to News, in the application, select a friend,  then a icon appear (icon i ) in the upper right hand corner, and you will then see a “Free Call” option. As with Skype or other mobile VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services, you can make the calls over Wi-Fi or a 3G, 4G or LTE connection.

According to the report, The application upgraded both Mobile phones iPhone and Android. It make them faster and it released a new Poke app, which destroys messages 10 seconds or less after you look at them.

Facebook didn’t make a big announcement about the voice calling service, but it’s a very big move for the social networking company, the report added.



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