Ink Printers All-in-One


Ink Printers All-in-One

Current Ink Printer All-in-Ones are compact, Operate in WLAN when needed and can be feed via e-mail, smartphone, tablet, or even in the cloud with printing tasks.

When considering for a printer (Ink Printers All-in-One) for the home or small office more and more buyers tend to have a multifunction device. Current devices are usually with WLAN interface equipped and need not even more so the data cable to the computer. We have five brand new devices from Brother, Canon, Epson and HP brought to the laboratory for comparison.


Tinten Ink Printers All-in-One-Tinten-Drucker
Tinten Ink Printers All-in-One-Tinten-Drucker


Selection of test equipment

With the sighting of the current market the ink multifunction devices we focused on timeliness, affordability, wireless network connectivity (Wi-Fi), as well as fax and automatic document feeder. In actuality we played almost the same product renewal cycle of the company’s hands. From every manufacturer in the test we could therefore brand-new models bring to the lab.

Sometime in the offer is only the MFC-J625DW Brother, the device is still cutting-edge in terms of our selection criteria and also the price level at the height of the other candidates, and thus should be around 200 euro. All devices provide a wireless interface and can thus without data cable into an existing wireless network or integrated Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs or laptops with data feed.


We experienced no major disappointments during testing in all test categories. Our winner from Epson offers the best overall package, coupled with excellent output quality and ease of use. With its large paper capacity, he is also recommended for small offices with multiple employees.

Our Price Tip of HP is an affordable all-rounder for almost all machining tasks involved both a family and printer in the office sector, in particular because the quality of the photo printing is really good.

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