Indy 500 needs to pay attention to five things


Indy 500 needs to pay attention to five things

The most important match day is coming, and the 103th game of the Indy 500 will highlight its highlights, which will be the first time in NBC history. This day begins with the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix and will end under the lights of Charlotte’s Coca-Cola 600, but these games are no more spectacular and traditional than the 500.

The 2012 season is the watershed of the game. Since then, the list of drivers who won and led the competition has never been seen, and this year is expected to be as crazy as the past seven years.

When Dario Frankie won the 2012 Indy 500 on the last two laps of the seventh day of the afternoon, he barely knew that the personality of the game would change? Here are some different ways and considerations for this Sunday.

103RD INDIANAPOLIS 500: Click here to see how to watch, daily schedule

From 1996 (when IRL/IndyCar took over the sanctions) to 2011, the average lead change for the 500 was 16.5. There are only 4 games in these 16 games and there are more than 20 games. In the past seven games, there have been 41.7 changes per game, no less than 30, and a record 68 in 2013. In the past two seasons, there were 35 times in 2017 and 30 times in 2017, so I am looking forward to this range.

No one has won multiple Indy 500 wins since the 2012 season. In fact, you must return to Franchitti in 2010 and 2012 to find repeat winners. The last time the driver regained his victory in 500 seconds, this is the feat of Helio Castroneves in 2001/2002.

The first six games before 2012 won in the first two rows and the three games won from pole position. The next five games were won from the first ten games. In 2018, Sato won from the fourth place and Will Power won from the third place last year, and this trend reversed.

There are five different winners in the first five games of this year. From their team’s point of view, only Sato (2017) and Alexander Rossi (2016) won the previous Indy 500 victory. Don’t be surprised to see another unique champion this season. The most powerful driver of the year, but not the winner is Scott Dickson, who won three runner-ups and three-game winning streak in three games this year.

If Dixon wins this week, he will maintain the winning streak of the recent unique Indy 500 championship and continue for nine consecutive games, in addition to maintaining a 2019 winning streak. In order to win, Dickson will have to climb from the 18th. Since 1988, only one driver has entered Ryan Hunter-Reay on the 19th of 2014 before winning.

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