How to increase internet speed


How to Increase Internet Speed

One of the demands of most users is how to increase the speed of the internet . The first thing to consider is that some alternatives that we can find if we try with Google, far from being a solution, the problem is likely to increase the speed. Nevertheless, on unCome We show you a series of simple and easy steps that we can perform to navigate more quickly


How to increase internet speed
How to increase internet speed


1.) First of all, you should always have updated the browser, as each new version made ??available to the public, incorporating improvements and bug fixes found, which may make it more slow internet browsing. We can also take into account, in order to increase the speed of the internet, dell ‘ installation of plug-ins . The plug-ins are small applications that allow us to see some parts of the network, the most striking example is the plug-in Flash. However, sometimes we have plug-ins that do not use and that slow down our navigation so it is best to enter the extension settings and disable unnecessary ones.

2.) Another very simple option to increase the speed of the internet is not installed in your browser toolbar . We refer to the typical bar of Google, Yahoo, etc.. which, although useful for research or other options, they tend to decrease the speed of browsing. From the control panel, the “Uninstall a program”, we can remove them from our browser.

3.) It should also be borne in mind, to increase the speed of the internet, that the ability of our system exerts an important function in this respect, it is important to perform a cleansing to leave enough free space on the disk. We can not forget that, if our network is not sufficiently protected, it can be accessed by neighbors who wish to use it for their own purposes.

4.) On the internet we can find applications to see if other people are using the free wifi .

Finally, if we want to increase the speed of the internet, the first thing to do is to know how fast we sail. You should perform a speed test and if the results are not what we should have, we can get in touch with our internet service provider and ask for an explanation.

5.) If you want to read more articles about how to increase internet speed , you’ll want to enter our section Speed ??Internet .


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