HTC One vs Sony Xperia Z Best Smartphones


 HTC One vs Sony Xperia Z Best Smartphones

 HTC One vs Sony Xperia Z
After only four weeks, domination leader board Sony Xperia Z had to give up his pole position at the HTC one. But is one really much better phone? We can take the One against Z in 13 rounds.

There are many good alternatives for the star in the sky Android, the Galaxy S3 . May enforce such right Samsung currently has two competitors: the HTC one and the Sony Xperia Z . Both these phones are the best proof that strong smartphones can also look good and really high quality. This is also evident at the test in our handling, where both phones retract very good results. The effort, the manufacturer has paid off: The HTC one and the Sony Xperia Z currently occupy first and second place of the mobile leaderboard of CHIP Online . Rightly so, because the two quite different androids also have many common strengths. Thus, in two counts, a full-HD display for great tone, the battery shows good endurance and the workmanship is very good to excellent. In addition, include LTE and the good combination of operating system and user interface of the highlights.

So the question arises: Which phone is the better for you? What can the HTC one better where Z has the Xperia ahead? To find out, the two cars set in 13 categories on the best test. Candidates can each earn up to five points per category. We add the individual points in the end the overall result. much should already tell, none of the two top Asians leaves the opponent in the individual disciplines far behind.Most can HTC one only slightly compared to the Sony Xperia Z claim.Ultimately, it is to tip the balance remaining after 13 rounds ensures that the One is just in front of the Xperia Z. Curious: Then start with and experienced in the photo spread , the discipline which of the two super-phones has the edge.

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