How you can choose the best air cooler for you?


How you can choose the best air cooler for you?

Air coolers have always been people great friend in summer. Even before the air conditioner came to market, air coolers were used for cool and fresh air. Now people are earning more and moving towards air conditioners but the use of air coolers is still more than air conditioners.

When it comes to choosing an air cooler, we always get confused and look for buying guides. Today, I will be discussing some of the great features which makes an air cooler best.

Advantages of Air coolers: –

  • Talking about the advantages the first thing that strikes my mind is the cost. You can get a good air cooler in approx. Rs 7000 whereas for a good Air conditioner you require at least 25,000-30,000 rupees.
  • If you want to fix an AC in your hall or in the conference room you will require a heavy AC of 2-ton whereas a desert cooler would be enough.
  • Air coolers always provide fresh and cool air. They use water for cooling air.
  • Air coolers are eco-friendlier and do not use any gas.

Types of Air coolers: –

There are 2 different types – Personal & Desert.

  • Personal Air coolers are good for small and medium-sized rooms. They have a maximum water storage capacity of 20-30 liters and use blowers for providing air.
  • Desert air coolers are used for large rooms. The tank capacity varies from 50-60 liters. They are a little expensive and use fans for providing air.

Things to look at while buying an Air cooler: –

If you are looking for an air cooler, you would find a lot of listed features but here are some of the important features which make an air cooler the best air cooler.

Empty Tank Alarm-

This feature is not available in all the air coolers but it is one of the most important features to look at. This feature enables alarm for the low water level which tells us to fill water and this is very important as without water the water suction motor may get burnt.

Inverter Air cooler

This is good for those areas where power cuts are a great problem in summer. These air cooler consumes very less electricity and saves a lot of electricity bill. Even it does not suck a lot of power of your inverter.

Remote control feature

Since this feature is now even present in ceiling fans then why not to go with a remote controlled Air cooler.

Ice cube tray

If you get an ice cube tray in the air cooler, then you can put ice there which after melting mixes with the water in the tank. After mixing it makes the water in the tank cool. Hence, provides cooler air.

Cooling Pads

Cooling pads are of two types. One is Honeycomb cooling pads and the second one is Aspen wool wood cooling pad.

The former is a little expensive but more durable. Whereas the latter is less expensive and requires a lot of maintenance.

Air cooler without water

This is really awesome and the latest one. This has saddled the whole air cooler market. Think that an air cooler without water tank then how economical and compact it would be. Even it can be used in areas with water scarcity.

This has not done a great success in the market yet but is seen as a future air cooler types. Some of the improvements is still needed. You can see only a few models of these types available online.

Wrapping It Up: –

Now, you must have understood what features you must look for while buying an air cooler. Hope you would choose best for yourselves.

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