How to Secure Payment Gateways through Cyber Security Testing?


How to Secure Payment Gateways through Cyber Security Testing?

Before we get into the details on methods used in securing the payment gateway through cyber security testing, let us talk about what a payment gateway is. If you run an online e-commerce platform, the chances are that you would allow your customers to pay via varied types of methods, and it may either be an offline method utilizing card or cash on delivery or online through credit cards, debit cards, net-banking and other financial platforms like UPI codes and so on

Secure Payment Gateways
Secure Payment Gateways

The online method of payment includes a payment gateway which helps both the merchant and the buyer who makes the payment verify the total amount that is being gained or spent. It is essentially a kind of testing where the site can check whether the payment being made is legit or not as well as whether a genuine person is making the transaction or not.

It is crucial to maintain the security of the payment gateway because it deals with very sensitive financial details of the customer. Therefore, to prevent any incident of loss of funds or security breach, thorough cyber testing of the site should be conducted to ensure the gateway is safe. There are many ways to do this, including functional testing, integration testing, and performance testing. However, the most essential testing of all when it comes to securing one’s payment gateway is with the help of cyber security testing.

This kind of testing is meant to keep all your payment portals safe from cyber hacking and keeps your transactions secure and stop from being vulnerable to any third-party user who might want to access your material.

Some of the most important things to look at while verifying your payment gateway through cyber security testing are:

Is the gateway secure from being duplicated?

This is something that is extremely important and must be kept in mind by the software developers who are responsible for developing the payment gateway. Hackers often mislead unsuspecting people from the original site and thereby the payment gateway by duplicating the site. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that your website is safe from being replicated.

Secure Payment Gateways
Secure Payment Gateways

Is the payment gateway well equipped and authorized from the management of the site?

Another essential thing to keep in mind is that your payment gateway needs to be authorized by the management to keep your customers from becoming the victims of fraud. This can be done by maintaining proper checks and balances at multiple levels while a payment is being made by the user. An adequate quality assurance plan needs to be executed to make sure the payment gateway is robust enough to mitigate any risk of security breaches.

Are there decent amounts of SSL certificates and safety access points available?

At every transaction level, safety access points and SSL certificates should be made available to both the merchant and the buyer. This again becomes extremely important because, without adequate amounts of safety access points, it becomes extremely easy for the professional hacker to hack into your system and not only get access to all the available data regarding your users but also get all their monetary and transactional details. Not only that, but hackers can also siphon money from both the merchant as well as the user without their consent or even knowledge.

Is the website data safe from manipulation by professional hackers or third-party bots?

Again, this is an essential step in the security verification process, whether the data on the site or the URL of the website can be easily manipulated by those who intend to carry out malpractice. Your URL and data need to be secure from manipulation to avoid any security breach. Otherwise, it is very easy for hackers and bots to duplicate your data as well as your URL to manipulate customers into submitting their own personal and sensitive data to the wrong set of people. Therefore, rigorous security testing is essential to rule out any chances of such manipulation. Once you have done this, your data, as well as your URL id, is safe.

Now you know the dangers that can befall you if your online e-commerce site is not adequately secured and your payment gateway is not properly authenticated. It is essential to be sure about the fact that whenever you decide to build an online e-commerce platform or website of your own, that involves online transactions, the payment gateway must be appropriately verified by the software development team along with the software testing engineers who would be well versed in the coding. This will ensure that there are no discrepancies that can lead to the payment gateway being breached and your user’s sensitive data being leaked out in public by the wrong people.

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