How to make money on Facebook pages?


How to make money on Facebook pages?

I used to have a Facebook page in 2012. In about 18 months, my likeness increased from 0 to 4,20,000 and I made a lot of money in the process, so I might be suitable to answer this question.

Here are a few things that determine your income from the Facebook page:

  1. Likes: The more you like, the better. You must now have at least 30,000+ likes to earn income from the Facebook page.
  2. Random page reach: How engaged is the page? Do people really see what you post?
  3. Audience type: the high quality or low quality?
  4. Niche or the theme of your page.
  5. If you have all these correct metrics, you can earn INR 3000 to 50000 in monthly fees from the advertising link of the client or advertiser.

With lower prices on Facebook advertising platforms and greater predictability and transparency, people are now choosing Facebook ads directly, and interest in using other Facebook pages for promotions is declining. However, if you have the right audience and offers, you can still make a lot of money in this area.

I hope this helps!

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