How To Get A Luxury Hotel Bathroom At Home


How To Get A Luxury Hotel Bathroom At Home

Tired of using the same old lackluster bathroom at home? Every upscale hotel has luxurious and elegant bathrooms with enormous floor space. Remember the luxurious bathroom you can’t seem to forget from the hotel in your last vacation? You can make your bathroom at your home just as luxurious without breaking the bank and enjoy it every day. Beautiful fittings, elegant accessories, and timeless finishes mean you will never crave for a hotel bathroom over your home bathroom again. In this article, we will see how you can transform the bathroom into your home into a top-notch luxury bathroom. You will adopt splendid design styles and take a cue from the best hotel bathrooms to transform.

How To Get A Luxury Hotel Bathroom At Home?

1. Choose Delectable Lighting

Lighting up the bathroom is one of the easiest ways to instantly transform the mood in your bathroom. The secret to hotel bathrooms looking so good is due to the copious use of large mirrors. Mini pendant lights are exceptional for lighting up your bathroom if you have adequate space.

Balance the pendant lights on either side of your mirrors to get the optimum poise. If you do not like bright lights in your bathroom, then you can opt for LED lights instead of bulbs and conceal them in recesses or at the back of your bath panels.

2. Upgrade Your Tub

The bathtub is the focal point of your bathroom, and you need to invest in a lavish premium tub or a massive tub. Having a larger than average tub will make the tub stand out in your bathroom. You will also get a palatial ambiance when you lounge in the bathtub.

Luxury Hotel Bathroom
Luxury Hotel Bathroom

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If you do not want to invest as much in a new bathtub, you can source a vintage tub and reglazing it with a professional is also a good idea. A clawfoot bathtub is another tub option that exudes charisma and refinement.

3. Indulge In High-Quality Towels

One of the things that give hotel and resort the luxurious feel is the use of thick, fluffy towels. Invest in hefty and soft towels in sober and calming colors. If you can not decide on a color or if you do not know if it will match with the theme of our bathroom, then stick with white.

Heat your towel on a towel heating rail before taking your shower and pair your towel with a matching bathrobe. Pamper yourself with cotton texture bathrobe for summers and quick-drying hydro cotton variety for winters.

4. Invest In A Rug

If you are using a bathroom mat in your bathroom, you need to replace it as soon as possible. The bathroom is no place for dirty, unkempt old bathroom mats. You can consider going for a lush tile rug if your bathroom has tile flooring. A rug is also an excellent alternative to completely revamping your bathroom floor.

Persian and Turkish floor rugs made of wool tuft give forth a soft and sophisticated touch to any bathroom. These floor rugs are available in a wide assortment of textures and colors, allowing you to customize the look of your bathroom and make it unique.

5. Arouse Your Senses

To get a luxurious feel to your bathroom, you need to stimulate more than just the sensation of sight. The other senses, such as the sense of touch and smell, are almost equally important. This approach is not expensive but can make a massive transformation to your bathroom.

Pamper yourself with scented soaps, posh shampoo, and essential oils to take you back to your spa memories immediately. Aromatic candles are also great for setting the ambiance in your bathroom. The aromas have stress-relieving and mood alleviating properties that will enhance the ambiance in your bathroom.

6. Go Green

There are tremendous advantages to having plants in your bathroom. In a utopian scenario, no bathroom should be lacking plants. Plants can influence aura in subtle ways. Besides, they also help in maintaining fresh air in your bathroom.

Luxury Hotel Bathroom
Luxury Hotel Bathroom

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The bathroom is an ideal spot for most household plants to grow on account of the inherently high levels of humidity in the bathroom. Properly positioning plants will instill a sense of life and health to your bathroom.

7. Revamp Your Showers

A new showerhead can be all it takes to transform your bathroom. Upgrade to a rainforest shower with a waterfall selection to simulate natural water flow and stimulates your weary body after a long day.

Luxury Hotel Bathroom
Luxury Hotel Bathroom

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You can also alter the showerhead with a filtered head which will remove any sulfur, chlorine, and slate from the water.


Bathrooms at homes tend to be smaller than their hotel counterparts and windows are usually non-existent. So, if you can accommodate an expansive window to your bathroom, you will instantly transform your bathroom.

Textures play a vital role in bringing together the overall fell along with the other senses. Try integrating textures in your bathrobe, floor rug, and your bathroom tiles. Natural materials like wood, stone, and marble on floors and furnishings work best for accentuating your bathroom.

Hotel bathroom designs depend on the proper usage of space and minimizing the wastage of space, which makes the bathroom appear visually larger. Appropriate positioning of furnishings and ceramics can make the design stand out while not compromising on ease of use.

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