How to extend the WiFi in the house


How to extend the WiFi in the house


Many times the WiFi network at home is not good. Because wireless Internet passes through walls or floors because we have 3 and want internet and on the first and third, we have a connection problem.

There is a way to solve this problem and to have access to the entire house easily and simply. This solution is called Devolo and recently expanded it to cover my network even in some rooms. (How to extend the WiFi in the house)

How to extend the WiFi in the house
How to extend the WiFi in the house

How connect :-

The wifi installation is very simple and in less than 2 minutes you will have access to 2 different locations using the sockets of electric power in your home.

The package includes two adapters and two cables respectively for connecting your devices.

1. Replace the first wifi cable to the first adapter

2. Post the first wifi adapter into the mains socket near your router

3. Place the other end of the cable adapter into the first slot of your router

4. The router remains both plugged in and connected to the internet as it was normal until today

5. Getting the second adapter, put the cable to the connector and the other end to the device you want to connect to the Internet (desktop, laptop, TV, WiFi router etc)

6. Plug in the container and wait 2 minutes.

7. The second adapter accesses the Internet as if it were a router so you can enjoy fast speeds without the obstacles and difficulties of WiFi.

How to extend the WiFi in the house
How to extend the WiFi in the house

How does it work:-

Adapters that promise to maintain speed 600 Mbps, significantly higher than the rate you currently Internet provider.

The maximum range is ensured by the new technology range + that uses a ground wire that allows for the first time communication of data through three natural wires in an electrical circuit.

Naturally maintain complete protection from grounding wire so the Devolo is a safe and secure solution to have access to the entire house wiring using electricity.

The Starter Pack which we have in our hands has 2 adapters used to connect to the internet. Furthermore do not sacrifice outlet as it can function normally and as sockets, on which you can connect other devices


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