How do you find employees for a healthcare company?


How do you find employees for a healthcare company?

The healthcare industry has challenges in finding qualified workers today. Some surveys suggest that healthcare turnover rate in many jobs is nearly 20%. To overcome these challenges in healthcare staffing, consider the strategies we outline below.

Use Technology

Talent acquisition technology is improving so healthcare organizations have more tools for their healthcare recruiting. Technology makes recruiting easier and more cost-effective by enhancing time-to-fill metrics, lowering spending on agencies, and streamlining hiring.

Technology also can help the healthcare company meet candidates on their cell phones. This efficient tool allows you to get top candidates interviewed faster and into your acquisition pipeline. If you have better recruiting technology than your competitors, you will have an edge.

Employer Branding

Many experienced job hunters are likely to research your company before accepting an interview or job offer. To increase the chances that your candidate will take the job, make sure your company has a positive brand. One of the most effective ways to do this is to highlight the benefits and culture of the company.

For instance, a healthcare organization can tell a positive story about their culture by telling compelling and attractive stories about employees and the workplace.

Enhance Benefits

The healthcare industry is more competitive today so it is important to have a good benefits package to attract the best candidates. To get an edge, your company should try to be more innovative with compensation, benefits and flexible job environments.

Many healthcare companies can attract more workers by implementing flextime and telecommuting when possible. Also, talk to top job candidates about the job benefits that matter most to them.

For doctors, PA’s and NPs, debt relief is a high priority. So, companies may attract more, better employees if they offer debt relief in return for years of service.

Think Long Term

As you are recruiting healthcare workers, you may come across good candidates that are not a good fit for current positions but may be good fits down the road. It is wise to put good future candidates in a pool and continue to communicate with them so they are informed about new, attractive positions that may come available.

Many older healthcare workers are retiring, so healthcare organizations need to do better to recruit new employees. This requires them to make major changes to their staffing methods to ensure they are able to attract the best new workers.

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