How can we burn calories without exercise?


How do we burn calories without exercise?

Of course, you’ve already seen ads for diet, equipment or supplements that can help you lose weight without exercising. And, yes, they are so good, it can’t be true.

But you can burn calories without exercising – in fact, you may be doing it now. Just breathing, breathing, doing sedentary, such as reading will consume some calories. Even if you don’t think about exercise, here are some ways your body burns calories.

This is your body is idle

It is called “basal metabolic rate” or BMR. It is the energy needed to maintain basic body function during rest, such as regulating body temperature, keeping the heartbeat and breathing. This is true: just sitting on the couch staring at space requires you to burn some calories. This is BMR, which accounts for about 2/3 of the total calories burned per day. For example, you burn 40-55 calories per hour while you sleep, and burn a little while sitting on TV or reading.

Some people have a higher BMR than others (although this change is usually not the cause of obesity or thinness). BMR will change over time; it may accelerate when you are sick or if you have increased muscle mass, or as you get older or you lose weight, it may slow down. In fact, slowing down the metabolic rate is one reason why dieters are so hard to continue losing weight or tend to lose weight. Certain medical conditions (such as thyroid disease) and drugs can affect BMR.

Don’t just stand there; restless!

Another source of energy consumption that does not require exercise is “irritability.” If you shake your legs, pat your feet, or rotate a pen, you will burn a small number of calories that can be accumulated in a day or a week. In fact, one study found that restlessness or other non-athletic sports (lean meat is more common than obese people) can burn up to 350 calories per day.

But it is still unclear why some people will be restless and others will not like it; “not irritating” may be difficult to develop this habit. Restlessness may have other benefits; for some, it seems to help them learn.

Intentional sports activities

If you really want to burn more calories without exercise, change your daily life, including more physical activity.
Examples include:

  • Park at the end of the parking lot so you can reach your destination further
  • Use the office’s remote toilet instead of the nearest restroom
  • Take regular breaks, stretch and walk around at work
  • Weightlifting or pacing during a call
  • Walking more brisk than usual
  • Don’t sit down with a colleague or friend, but hold a meeting while walking
  • Choose a printer for documents near your desk
  • Consider a standing desk

Sometimes this is the most important little thing. There has been a lot of writing about how to maintain a healthy weight by focusing on calories burned – the evidence is on the walls of countless websites that focus on a variety of diets and diet books for most bookstores. The same is true of the problem of calorie burning: sports, equipment and fitness club membership are an increasingly common part of this field. This makes sense: diet and exercise are the cornerstones of any plan to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

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