Hardware: A Sequel To Homeworld In Spirit


Hardware: A Sequel To Homeworld In Spirit


A while back a group of developers Relic Games (Producers Company of Heroes, Dawn of War and Homeworld) decided to jump ship to join in a new home. The result of this decision was Blackbird Interactive , which have devoted their time to work on a new and ambitious strategy game in real time with science fiction atmosphere.

Hardware A Sequel To Homeworld In Spirit
Hardware A Sequel To Homeworld In Spirit

For those who do not know or played Homeworld (Published in 1999) will take a quick look at this veteran so they can better enjoy what you are preparing Blackbird Interactive . Homeworld puts us in a universe where a satellite discovers a strange object in the desert. After sending an expedition to investigate discover that the object is an ancient spaceship that contains a stone with a star map pointing Hiigara homeworld.

After this finding, Kharak, like humans called Homeworld come together in peace in a time of development like no other looking for only one goal, build the “mother ship” that will bring the planet. Dedicated 60 years to develop new technologies to fulfill his dream of traveling the stars for the answer to their origin. When I finally manage to reach their target and manage to leave the planet to begin exploring the universe, they encounter a galaxy inhabited by other species and what appears to be a war.

Talking about the details of the game, which we highlight in question is the game play, which is quite difficult, since resources are quite limited levels and no new missions begin with initial resources or units as in other RTS . If the first mission we generate 10 ships with all our resources and of those 10 ships survives only 1, start the next mission that ship and only the remaining resources of the previous production, a challenge indeed as we carry on our excellent monitoring economy. Briefly, Homeworld was a RTS rare that more than 10 years ago has not seen a new release, which changed today with the announcement of Hardware: Ship breakers the sequel, spiritually.

Hardware A Sequel To Homeworld In Spirit
Hardware A Sequel To Homeworld In Spirit

Hardware is being developed by Blackbird Entertaiment which as we said the study is made ??up of former members of Relic . Among the members working on the project include: Rob Cunningham who was one of the founders of Relic and art director of Homeworld . It is also with them Aaron Kambeitz chief artist Homeworld with Cody Kenworthy and Yossarian King who had a lot to do in publications franchises like FIFA, NHL and NBAs . As you can see Hardware has an interesting development group and the same DNA as Homeworld .

The story that will stand Hardware is a science fiction future in which Long March Industries , an interstellar mega corporation not so orthodox methods dominates the market for space mining, monopolizing the planets can become exploited. This basically keep us abreast of space gold rush, where our mission is to control mining equipment and all equipment for precious resources.

Minar, fight, to send fleets of ships and crews mining vehicles will be daily activities for our mining groups.Interestingly enough, will have a fairly extensive social section, as the game was intended to be released on Facebook , an idea that was removed to see that such a platform would not support all the features that developers want to implement. After this was confirmed to be released on iOS and Android , adding to this list after a while, Steam .

What does this social factor? The multi player is meant to be played in a persistent galaxy where we have to always compete against other players on the server by colonization and undermine nearby planets first, can win this territory to be first in it or taking away our enemies planets by force. This game mode can currently be seen in Ogame (RTS Game Explorer) but that Hardware is 3D is to make it a worthy competitor and if we take as reference to Homeworld , where we create fleets of ships to defend ourselves from the dangers of space while collect resources.

While we have only seen the art section of the game, the development team has a tremendous history that can assure us that this new IP will have everything you need to stay glued to it and become a game genre that no player RTS can be lost .

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