‘GTA’ leads to PSN ‘Liberty City Stories’ and ‘Vice City Stories’


‘GTA’ leads to PSN ‘Liberty City Stories’ and ‘Vice City Stories’


'GTA' leads to PSN 'Liberty City Stories' and 'Vice City Stories'
‘GTA’ leads to PSN ‘Liberty City Stories’ and ‘Vice City Stories’

Maybe the new ‘GTA-Vice City’ is lagging more than usual, however, the franchise has ample resources to keep us entertained until the release of the next installment: Rockstar has announced that both ‘Liberty City Stories’ and’ Vice City Stories’ will be made ??available to users on the PlayStation Store next week. 

‘Liberty City Stories’ and ‘Vice City Stories’ were released for PlayStation Portable in 2005 and 2006 respectively, and a year after her debut made ??its appearance in PS2. Now, Rockstar gives us the ability to roam Liberty and Vice in PlayStation 3 , through the Store platform.

Both titles will cost $ 9.99, € 9.99 or £ 7.99 and can be downloaded from PS Network from next week. As you know, Sony’s online store is updated weekly on Wednesdays in Europe and in North America on Thursday, so depending on the continent as you live you know until they have to wait.

PS3 already has the PS2 era of ‘GTA-Vice City’ full

With these two launches, we can now play on the current platform of all Sony titles ‘GTA’ that came out at the time for PlayStation 2 . Recall that in recent months, Rockstar has added to the catalog of the Store ‘Grand Theft Auto III’, ‘Grand Theft Auto: Vice City “and” Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’, if we add the titles franchise were released for PS3 already have saga ‘GTA’ for a while.

The news is very good, and certainly fans of the franchise’s grateful, but still not what we’re all waiting. ‘GTA V’ Fifth installment of the series is still delayed until September 17 , so be patient and play content with what we already have, but the truth be told, is not little.

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