Google Nexus 6 With Full Specifications


Google Nexus 6 With Full Specifications


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Google Nexus 6 With Full Specifications
Google Nexus 6 With Full Specifications

The judgment Nexus 5, a smartphone with 5-inch diagonal display. The Nexus 6 follows the designation and consequently did a 6-inch display. Simplified it is a grown Moto X – at least in terms of design. Characteristic is the curved, non-slip back and the noble, sleek metal frame. While the Moto X 5.2 inches for giant paws with a hand operated sporadically, the Nexus 6 is a flawless phablet (Phone + Tablet). One-handed operation. Just like every year, at this point the prognosis: the limit is reached, it is no longer growing. Maybe it’s true this time.

Nexus 6: Prices, Storage and Availability

Nexus typically the first hurdle is the availability to the start. In German Play Store Nexus 6 is no longer available for purchase (as of: November 24, 2014). Originally November was targeted for delivery – now it is rather Christmas. Media Market is 19 December in view. In any case, the discounters are like Saturn or supplier as Spar handy the better choice. After all, they charge 50 euros less than Google itself and those are impressive 649 euros for the 32 GB version and 699 euros for the 64 GB version. The days in which a Nexus phone was a saving tip seem numbered. After all: Every buyer gets a free access to the streaming service Google Play Music for six months. Unfortunately, also follows the Nexus 6 of stupid Google mobile tradition that the memory is not expandable. There are just things that you should not be able to catch Apple.

Large, sharp, crisp: qHD AMOLED display

With a display diagonal of 5.96 inches and extremely sharp resolution (493 ppi) with 2560×1440 pixels trumps the Nexus 6 loose the specifications of Apple’s phablet iPhone 6 Plus . This is also true for the contrast. The laboratory should establish very good 2,639: 1 (iPhone 6 plus: 1.054: 1). However, the screen is not very bright (416 cd / m²). Apart from that, the huge qHD AMOLED display is a technical tidbit with similar specifications as Samsung’s top phablet Galaxy Note 4.

“Only” high speeds when Nexus 6

Inside, a 2.7 GHz Snapdragon faster-805 processor with four cores is used. The memory is an impressive three gigabytes. On paper, this combination the iPhone 6 Plus (dual-core processor, 1.38 GHz, 1 GB RAM) is superior, but in the laboratory, the Nexus is beaten 6. Apple phablet is in operation and easy while surfing faster. At the end of the pace of work is not outstanding, but “only” good. Between Rating: 1.99.

Google Nexus 6 With Full Specifications
Google Nexus 6 With Full Specifications


The battery has a capacity of 3,220 mAh. Novo 15 minutes of the outlet supply the unit with energy for 6 hours operation. With intensive use the Nexus held by 6 nine hours at moderate use, the period is extended to 28 hours. Again, it may be the iPhone 6 plus better (12.5 / 39 hrs.). For this you load the Nexus 6 inductively, i.e. with the appropriate wireless charging pad, just by hanging up.

Nexus 6: Camera and Video

Photos switched on a Nexus 6 with a 13-megapixel camera that has an optical image stabilizer. Nevertheless, the tester missing details, complained visible edge blur, image noise and edge inaccuracies. The shutter lag is 0.25 seconds to store the Nexus takes 0.65 seconds. That should go a bit faster. The bottom line is the ruling for the photo quality “satisfactory” – but, as with all smartphone sight tests, compared with real cameras. Videos can be recorded in 4K resolution. Indeed, the videos are from Nexus 6 sharper than most other smartphones. The front camera has 2 megapixels just standard fare.

Google Nexus 6 With Full Specifications
Google Nexus 6 With Full Specifications


NFC and Bluetooth 4.1 are on board. The hotel provides Internet access via Wi-Fi and high-speed data standard LTE. The sound quality is good, the received values ??are neat. In LTE network, the Nexus 6 takes to ride properly.

Assessment: Motorola Nexus 6

Google’s first phablet bye to the predicate “Price Tip” and opens a new chapter in the Nexus family chronicle. At the processing cannot be faulted, the metal frame conveys high quality. The specifications are impressive, however, meet the Nexus 6 in the laboratory not quite the extremely high expectations. The chic Android 5 Lollipop fits well with the contrasting giant screen. The camera takes decent pictures and clear video. The absence of a memory card slot annoying and painful. Even now may be speculated about a successor for the Nexus 7 has been around, also already one move at 7 inch tablet in regions.


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