Google Adwords Basic Course


Google Adwords Basic Course

Google Adwords Basic Course
Google Adwords Basic Course

Over View:-

The course AdWords , HTML is done by Group aims to promote the business online thanks to Google’s advertising program that allows you to publish paid ads alongside the search results or on the content network, reaching a targeted audience, without fixed costs and with results measurable. The course is conducted in a single day , starting at 9:00 am, with two coffee breaks , offered at 11 and 16, which help to maintain the proper concentration.

Who is it for:-

The course is aimed at all those who want to gain expertise about the use of Google AdWords is winning product to promote your business, whether to upgrade its staff in relation to elaborate marketing campaigns for its customers.

In summary:

  • Web agency or freelance developers who want to add value to its customers’ web sites;
  • marketing and communication managers who want to improve the visibility of your site using ADWords also as a marketing tool.

Minimum System Requirements:-

It ‘a good knowledge of the use of the Internet and the use of the PC as a personal productivity tool.


Google Adwords Basic Course
Google Adwords Basic Course


Teaching material and gadgets:-

Each course participant receives the book “Grow the business with AdWords.”  

Included in the price of the course will be provided:

Two coffee breaks for each day of the course, which will allow you to maintain the proper concentration.

Each student will receive some gadgets Group branded HTML needed for the good conduct of the course:

  • A notepad for taking notes
  • A pen

Teachers, hardware equipment and software:-

All the teachers are called to play the course have taken and passed the exam to become qualified members of the program Google Advertising Professionals . Course, with a maximum of 12 participants per class , was held at Computer facilities, equipped withPC workstations for each learner , Free Internet, projector and air conditioning.Classrooms, located in the cities of Rome and Milan can be easily reached by public transportation.


The course has a cost of € 350 + VAT , which includes all of the above. Included in the price:

  • coffee breaks;
  • gadgets;
  • teaching materials;
  • certificate of participation

For those who have already participated in the past in any of the courses is a discount of 10%.

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