Facing up to depression when pregnant


Facing up to depression when pregnant

With pregnancy comes a sense of joy, excitement, and the arrival of a newborn baby. In some women, pregnancy is clouded by depression a condition which puts both the mother along with the baby at risk. In the majority of a woman, the arrival of a baby is interlinked with feelings of sadness, anxiety, and problems of sleeping.  Depression can lead to suicidal thoughts while pregnant and needs immediately addressable. Though the better news is that the problem can be solved when you are pregnant as medicines can provide a timely solution to this problem.

When you are pregnant the doctors try to keep you from antidepressant medicines till the point you have severe depression or chances of relapsing might emerge. There are other viable forms of treatment to overcome the problem of depression during pregnancy.

Ignoring depression is not a desirable solution

If the depression has gone on to become so bad that a woman is not eating or drinking properly they have to be treated in an aggressive manner as fast as possible. In the case of the woman who has gone on to battle depression in the past or even experienced depression during the earlier pregnancy, the news seems to be good. The risk stemming out of using medicines for suicidal during pregnancy thoughts is on the lesser side. A negative feeling in a woman can pave way for a negative impact as it could have an adverse impact on the developing baby.

Could depression cause any considerable harm to the developing baby?

Any depression that is not treated can cause potential harm to both the mother along with the baby. If you do not treat depression it can pave way for suicidal behavior, developmental problems, and even low birth weight babies. For a mother who is depressed does not have the strength to take care of themselves and even the developing baby.

Babies who are born to depressed mothers are less active; tend to be more agitated as compared to mothers who do not exhibit any of the above symptoms. For this reason, it is really important to seek the right type of help for both the mother along with the baby.

The moment you feel that you are dealing with depression the first step has to be to seek help. Discuss with your doctor about the struggles and even the symptoms. The health care provider wants the best solution for both the mother and the baby and hence they are going to discuss the treatment options with you. In terms of treatment options, you can opt for medications and even enroll for a support group

A lot of debate exists for the use of medicines availed during the depression. There is some research which points that to physical malformations, heart problems, and even low birth weight babies. For a woman who is coping with mild depression, they can cope up with the symptom by enrolling in a support group. On treating depression the pros and cons have to be managed properly.

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