Facebook testing free calls Using Messenger App in Canada



Facebook testing free calls Using Messenger App in Canada

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We All the fan of Facebook Messenger app.Please keep your eye out for an interesting update coming down the pipe today for both the iOS and Android versions. Facebook is currently work on voice messaging features for its Messenger application. Now be used to make voice calls in Canada for free. Facebook Massenger user Using a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection, Can now make free calls using the messenger service on iOS.

The VoIP service is currently rolling out only to Canadian iPhone users, but if the tests go well, this feature could roll out on Facebook Messenger for Android for users globally as well. To make a call using this feature, users need to hit the ‘i’ button and then choose ‘Free Call. To try this out, users will only need to update their app and use a Wi-Fi connection or their existing data plans. .  To send a voice message, users need to click on the ‘i’ button and hit record.

The goal isn’t to create a voice mail system for Facebook, but to give users another option for interacting when typing is either impossible or inconvenient.Facebook has also launched Poke, a self-destructing message app that’s similar to


Using Poke, Facebook users can send messages and images to their friends and set a time after which the message will automatically be destroyed. Only open to iOS users yet, Poke can send out messages to multiple users at the same time. The voice messages will appear directly in the conversation stream, alongside text messages.
Count this as another attempt by Facebook to grab some more messaging market share. Last month, Facebook began allowing users to use Facebook Messanger for Android – no Facebook account required.


In addition to the voice message function, Facebook is also working on true VoIP calling through the Messenger app, which the company says will be rolling out over the “next few weeks.” As of this writing, the free calling service is being beta tested in Canada.


The updates to the apps should be available in the app stores later today.

Important to note: While free to use, these VoIP calls will use your existing data plan, which could get pricey if you use the feature often..

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